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Access In-Demand APICS Courses and Workshops

Because you have different educational needs at various stages of your career, APICS offers ongoing, career-building courses and workshops to help you

  • enhance and streamline your knowledge and skills.
  • better manage the bottom line of your organization.
  • network with other APICS professionals to share best practices and increase your career opportunities.

Lean Enterprise Workshop Series

The APICS Lean Enterprise Workshop Series:

  • helps you successfully map out your goals, for both you and your organization.
  • provides you with the skills, insights and tools you need to save time and money.
  • increases your value to your organization, and the industry as a whole.
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Global Sourcing Workshop Series

Access the APICS Global Sourcing Workshop Series to
  • be more skilled in operations and supply chain management.
  • access the tools you need to keep your company competitive in today's rapidly-changing global marketplace.
  • benefit from a comprehensive study of the critical tasks and challenges associated with international sourcing and procurement.
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Inventory Control Workshop Series

Participate in an Inventory Control Workshop Series course to

  • gain a comprehensive understanding of inventory control.
  • deepen your understanding of cycle counting, material requirements planning and bills of materials, physical inventory, and other relevant topics.

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Theory of Constraints: Concepts and Principles Workshop Series

The APICS Theory of Constraints Workshop Series provides comprehensive training tools that explore strategies for applying the theory of constraints to increase efficiency and achieve measurable bottom-line improvement.

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Discuss topics including global supply chain management, lean operations, and more in the APICS Supply Chain Channel now.