Certification in Transportation and Logistics (CTL)

As an APICS CPIM or CSCP designee, you already know how much professional certification programs can help you meet and exceed your career advancement objectives. Now APICS is offering a new way for you to learn and grow professionally.

APICS has entered into a partnership with the American Society of Transportation and Logistics (AST&L). APICS designees can obtain the AST&L Certification in Transportation and Logistics (CTL) on a fast track using APICS certifications to waive up to two of the six CTL requirements.

CTL program benefits include

  • understanding key strategies for improving customer relationships.
  • knowledge of how to increase the efficiency of supply chain operations.
  • development of analytical skills necessary to identify ways to improve transportation, supply chain, and logistical processes.

APICS CSCP designees can waive the elective Supply Chain Management module and APICS CPIM or CFPIM designees can waive the required Logistics Management module. Designees with both certifications can waive both modules.


  • To qualify for the AST&L CTL program, you must be an active member of AST&L and have a four-year undergraduate degree, or three years of professional experience.
  • The AST&L membership fee is waived for the first year when the AST&L CTL exam modules are purchased using the prepay option.

How to enroll

To participate in the AST&L CTL program and obtain credit for your APICS certifications, complete an enrollment form.

Program contact

For more information about the AST&L CTL program, visit the AST&L website or call AST&L Customer Support at +1-773-355-4900.

For more information about the AST&L CTL program, visit the AST&L website or call AST&L Customer Support at +1-773-355-4900.

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