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Expand your supply chain management credentials

Introducing the APICS S&OP Education Certificate

APICS offers a comprehensive, forward-looking program that will prepare you to collaboratively participate in the sales and operations planning (S&OP) process. By earning this certificate, you demonstrate your commitment to and understanding of the principles and functions of sales and operations planning.

How to earn the APICS S&OP Education Certificate

To earn the certificate, you must complete 12 contact hours of APICS education - 7 from the core topics and 5 from the elective topics. See the table to the right for specific topic areas. 

Ways to complete educational hours: 

  • APICS S&OP Seminars
    These 7-hour events give you a comprehensive look at the elements of data collection, performing demand and supply planning, and conducting the pre- and executive S&OP meetings for your organization. They include 7 of the 7 required core topics toward the APICS S&OP certificate. Learn more at apics.org/seminars

  • APICS 2015, Best of the Best S&OP Conference
    By attending key S&OP educational sessions at either APICS 2015 or the Best of the Best S&OP Conferences you can earn up to 5 of the 5 required elective topics (see table) necessary to earn your certificate.

APICS S&OP Education Certificate─ Tracking your progress  

Download the APICS S&OP Education Certificate transcript to log core and elective educational sessions. Once you have completed the requirements submit the transcript to pdadmin@apics.org for processing.


To earn the APICS S&OP Education Certificate, you must complete the following:

1 contact hour in each of the following core required topics

  • SOPC1 S&OP Foundations

  • SOPC2 The five step S&OP process

  • SOPC3 S&OP Inputs - demand and operations planning

  • SOPC4 Building and working with S&OP grids and graphs

  • SOPC5 Managing the output from the S&OP process

  • SOPC6 Organizing product families for S&OP

  • SOPC7 Attributes, objectives and benefits of S&OP

    5 contact hours of the following elective topics 

    Five or more contact hours of elective topics for the S&OP certificate will be presented at both APICS 2015 and the Best of the Best S&OP Conference. Qualifying sessions will be noted in the conference program materials.

  • Connect to APICS S&OP reports and folios 

    Start building your knowledge today. Learn more at apics.org/SOPfolio