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Members: Refinance Your Student Loans with Laurel Road

New ASCM Member benefit!

Did you know that you can refinance a student loan just like a mortgage? APICS has partnered with Laurel Road to provide our members with a resource to reduce the cost of your student loan debt. ASCM Members will receive an additional 0.20% rate discount when refinancing through Laurel Road. 

Learn more

Recently, APICS and Laurel Road hosted a webinar to explain Student Loan Best Practices.  This webinar highlights:  

  • If loan forgiveness is a viable option you
  • If you benefit from new federal income-driven repayment programs
  • How pending legislative changes may impact loan repayment
  • How to lower student loan interest rates
  • When to consider loan refinancing
  • What the loan refinancing process looks like
  • How to get the additional 0.20% rate discount Laurel Road offers ASCM Members
To view the webinar, visit our YouTube Channel!
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