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APICS Operations Management Body of Knowledge Framework, Third Edition

6.11 Manufacturing execution systems management

This refers to programs that guide workstation activities and capture detailed related information in real time.

6.11.1 Tracking

Tracking is the process of tracing the movement of material, labor, and work orders from issuance through work order movement.

Component traceability. Component traceability is registering and tracking parts, processes, and material used in production by lot or serial number.

Productivity. Productivity is the overall measure of the ability to produce a good or a service. It is found by comparing actual output of production to actual input of resources. Productivity is a relative measure across time or against common entities.

Product integrity. Product integrity is producing a product that meets its stated intention, delivering the product on time, and working with customers to resolve questions or issues.

Accountability. Accountability is being answerable for, although not necessarily person-ally charged with, doing work. Accountability cannot be delegated, but it can be changed.