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APICS Operations Management Body of Knowledge Framework, Third Edition

1.2 Organization of the APICS OMBOK Framework

The APICS OMBOK Framework is a high-level publication representing the areas of concern for the typical operations management professional. It is a convenient way to view the scope of field, but it is not intended to be an replacement for operations management courses or certification exams. Educational pedagogy dictates that these topics be covered in different ways depending on specific objectives.

1.2.1 Level of coverage

The APICS OMBOK Framework is a high-level document that codifies the specific elements of operations management. It is not intended as a list of recommended best practices or an instructional training guide. Its structure enables greater depth of coverage in areas of particular relevance to operations management. It builds upon the foundational information in the APICS Dictionary and other preexisting bodies of knowledge. In some cases, the APICS OMBOK Framework references these sources directly.

1.2.2 Update schedule and process

The APICS OMBOK Framework is maintained and improved through the APICS Body of Knowledge Committee. This committee administers the process of regularly polling subject matter experts across industries, functions, and geographies to identify emerging areas for inclusion in the APICS OMBOK Framework and to identify areas of reduced relevance to be considered for reduced emphasis or removal. Where appropriate, the committee may designate subgroups or other professional societies to lead the maintenance and improvement of subsections of the APICS OMBOK Framework.

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