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APICS Digital Library

Welcome to the APICS Digital Library! The Digital Library is a valuable resource which enables APICS affiliates and sponsors to explore and access a comprehensive database of supply chain-related materials produced by APICS staff, affiliates, and members.  


What can I find in the library?

The library contains a variety of digital materials spanning a breadth of topics in the supply chain, logistics, and operations management fields -- and it's growing. 


The APICS digital library collection is comprised of archived presentations, research papers, white papers, case studies, and webinar recordings by members of the APICS community. Topics include:

  • end-to-end supply chain management
  • logistics
  • operations management
  • PLCOR, DCOR, CCOR, and M4SC benchmarks
  • S&OP
  • SCOR model and benchmarks
  • transportation

Initially, the digital library will cover materials from 2013-2016, including the SCOR model and related benchmark tools, and will regularly be updated with additional material from APICS, APICS SCC, and an expanded selection of past publications. 

How do I access the library?

The APICS Digital Library is available to APICS affiliates and sponsors. You can search the database by year, event, author, company, industry, SCOR process or metric, and other selected tags. 

To begin your search:

  • Log in to the website. 
  • Enter one or more search terms in the Search box. You can select additional classifications in the drop down menu to the right of the search bar to refine your search.
  • Click Go. The search results will display on the next screen.
  • Use filters on the left-hand toolbar to expand or refine your search by date, author, classification, SCOR metric, document format, or file type.
  • Select the file you would like to view. 
Not an APICS affiliate or sponsor but want to learn more? Please contact APICS Customer Service at

What other library services are offered by APICS?

For research questions about the library and other research help, please contact Jamie Luedtke, Digital Content Manager, at