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Case Studies

  • Aligning Facilities around the World

    • APICS partners
    March/April 2017
    Automotive supplier Metalsa has experienced significant growth in recent years. Expansion initiatives—including the opening of a distribution center in Mexicali, Mexico; the construction of a new plant in Shenyang, China; and the acquisition of ISE Automotive of Bergneustadt, Germany—have caused some growing pains. ......Read More
  • Monitoring Tool Keeps Systems Running

    • APICS partners
    January/February 2017
    Using robots, lasers, and high-powered jets, Klein Steel processes and delivers more than 95 million pounds of metal and custom metal components to 2,500 US customers, including some in the petrochemical and nuclear industries. In order to meet the oil and gas and nuclear industries’ strict regulatory controls on materials, quality, handling, and shipping, Klein Steel cannot afford any downtime for these devices. Therefore, the company must be able to anticipate issues before they happen.......Read More
  • Helping a Start-Up Keep Up

    Warehousing solution accommodates expanding business
    • APICS partners
    November/December 2016
    In its first year of trading, third-party logistics (3PL) start-up Total Reliance expanded so quickly that it outgrew its off-the-shelf warehouse management system (WMS). When company leaders began looking for a new solution, they wanted to support the company’s growing customer base and capture opportunities on the horizon. Furthermore, they sought a tool that would give them the confidence and credibility to pursue prospects that might not otherwise select such a new player in the 3PL space.......Read More
  • Click for Speed

    Automated order picking boosts Medline’s e-commerce efficiency
    • APICS partners
    September/October 2016
    In a world of one-click shopping, consumer expectations push back to the distribution center store activities such as item picking at the time of purchase. The e-commerce market has created an explosion in the total number of orders that need to be fulfilled quickly and cost effectively for the end consumer. To keep up with these market demands while seeking to outperform its competitors, Medline Industries leaders sought solutions to help maximize the company’s warehouse space and product volume.......Read More
  • Translating Financial Regulations

    Sun Chemical takes a proactive approach
    • APICS partners
    July/August 2016
    Sun Chemical manages operations in 56 countries to meet materials needs for the packaging, publishing, coatings, and plastics industries, among others. In 2006, the company began transitioning its more than 200 plants to a single, global SAP enterprise resources planning product. In addition to this undertaking, the $3.5 billion firm also faced significant challenges making the transition for its operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico.......Read More
  • Adjusting the Recipe for Success

    IBP helps Mondelez International manage spin-off
    • APICS partners
    May/June 2016
    In 2013, Mondelez International spun off from global food manufacturer Kraft Foods Group and instantly became a multi-billiondollar start-up company. Mondelez, which owns many well-known brands including Cadbury, Dentyne, Halls, Nabisco, and Oreo, began to face the typical challenges of a newly formed organization: high growth expectations, cost pressures and challenges, customer demands, and aging infrastructure and planning processes.......Read More
  • Online and On Time

    Centralized AP system calls in digital support
    • APICS partners
    March/April 2016
    In 2013, ADM opened a single North American services center to centralize accounts payable (AP) processing for its 250 manufacturing and grain elevator locations in the United States and Canada. However, the large agricultural processor and food-ingredient provider soon was flooded with invoices, and leaders realized they needed a digital solution to streamline the process.......Read More
  • A Duty to Automate

    Customs regulations and warehousing integration help save on taxes
    • APICS partners
    January/February 2016
    Graff Diamonds is involved in every step of the jewelry-making process—from sourcing rough stones to cutting and setting the gems and retailing the finished pieces in 30 stores and concessions around the world. Careful logistics is required to ensure the materials and finished products are tracked throughout the entire process.......Read More
  • Transportation Turnaround

    Power engine company gains cost control
    • APICS partners
    September/October 2015
    Cummins designs, manufactures, distributes, and services power engines and related technologies. Its approximately 5,200 dealer locations and 500 company-owned and independent distributors serve customers in about 190 countries. Cummins leaders sought to gain better access to reliable transportation data and a network that operated in real time, particularly on the outbound side. They also aimed to gain visibility into inbound shipments from the supply base.......Read More
  • Simplifying Work Across Time Zones

    Simplifying Work Across Time Zones
    • APICS partners
    July/August 2015
    Epec Engineered Technologies designs and manufactures custom build-to-print products, including circuit boards, battery packs, fans, motors, and cable assemblies for all sectors of the electronics industry. Epec faced difficulties with data access, timely reporting, transparency into key metrics, and collaboration across diverse operational and financial stakeholders.......Read More
  • Recharging Customer Service

    Electrical supply firm streamlines sales orders
    • APICS partners
    March/April 2015
    Revere Electric Supply is a fourth-generation electrical distributor serving original equipment manufacturers, repair operations, system integrators, and government agencies. Operating out of eight locations across the Midwest, Revere’s growing customer base meant an increasing demand for its large product catalog.......Read More
  • A Winning System Integration

    Growing logistics provider wows customers
    • APICS partners
    September/October 2014
    Biagi Bros. is a nationwide third-party logistics (3PL) provider based in Napa, California, that works with diverse areas of the supply chain, from transportation to warehousing. ......Read More
  • Piecing It Together

    Prototype assembly firm finds value in an agile partner
    • APICS partners
    January/February 2014
    As agility is key to Advanced Assembly’s competitive advantage, the business requires an equally agile supply chain and distribution partner in order to source small quantities of electronics components for customers that need prototypes quickly.......Read More
  • Wheels in Motion

    An economical and eco-friendly solution to covering the distance
    • APICS partners
    November/December 2013
    Today at Hallmark Cards, GoPet scooters are used by employees and facility managers for tasks including supervision, researching inventory issues, identifying production automation issues, transporting paperwork, and simply moving from one part of the facility to another. ......Read More
  • Forward-Thinking and Nimble

    Becoming the right business for the customer
    • APICS partners
    September/October 2013
    To remain ahead in a marketplace characterized by moving business offshore, leaders at Nicolet Plastics, a manufacturer of parts and components, decided to exploit its strengths in complex manufacturing and began looking at philosophies that supported the needs of short-run, complex-part customers. ......Read More
  • Real-Time Data in the Field

    Tablet app mobilizes hydraulic manufacturer’s sales force
    • APICS partners
    July/August 2013
    Eaton Hydraulics wished to take its sales processes mobile. They chose Antenna Software, an enterprise mobility platform provider, to develop what came to be called the PowerSource app. ......Read More
  • Forecasting in the Smartphone Era

    A cloud-based utility provides the agility needed for expert planning
    • APICS partners
    May/June 2013
    MetroPCS operates in the rapidly changing mobile phone market, where being as nimble as possible is key. It required an accurate and scalable way to assess the probable impacts of quick-turnaround promotions. ......Read More
  • Improving Resilience with Accelerated Testing

    A power-supply manufacturer gets a boost
    • APICS partners
    March/April 2013
    Ensign Power Systems' customers rely on products that must function continuously even in the most demanding environments—from battlefields to steel mills. Recently, one steel mill was experiencing a major problem: repeated power failures. ......Read More
  • Making the Most of Order-Line Forecasts

    More detailed data enable more accurate predictions
    • APICS partners
    January/February 2013
    Leaders at RS Components recognized a need for a new statistical forecasting tool, one that could drill down to the order-line level to better model demand histories. ......Read More
  • Silent and Sustainable

    A better conveyor system helps smooth distribution operations
    • APICS partners
    November/December 2012
    A plastic conveyor chain solved many challenges for a manufacturer of maintenance, repair, and operating supplies.......Read More