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“Spanning the Supply Chain: Talent is essential to end-to-end success,”
Patricia J. Daugherty and David Closs, July/August 2015

“The Insomnia Question: New research reveals what keeps supply chain managers up at night,”
Patricia J. Daugherty and David Closs, September/October 2015

“Delving into Processes, Customers, and Goals: Holistic sustainability is key to long-term business viability,”
Stanley E. Griffis and M. Bixby Cooper, November/December 2015

“Creating Value in Integrated Supply Chains: Why procurement and sourcing goals must be redefined;”
Patricia J. Daugherty, Judith M. Whipple and David J. Frayer; March/April 2016

"Supply Chain Ripple Effect: Broad-ranging strengths can build exponentially,”
Judith M. Whipple and Patricia J. Daugherty, November/December 2016