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Industry Tools -- November/December 2017

  • APICS partners
November/December 2017

Enterprise management

One Network Enterprises announced its Global Logistics Gateway. The solution allows carriers, freight forwarders, orchestrators, distributors, custom brokers and suppliers to conduct global transportation processes and fulfillment processes from a single access point. The Gateway supports interoperability between supply chain operating networks and enables shippers to post purchase, sales or transport orders in a single system; manage internal processes; and subscribe to network analytics and industry benchmarks to promote continuous improvement within operations. Users also can benefit from One Network’s Global Supply Demand Match Service — which optimizes inventory, service levels and freight costs — and connect to One Network’s Real Time Value Network, which includes industry operating networks for various sectors.

ThyssenKrupp Materials Services launched its new Industrial Internet of Things platform, toii, which enables machines of different makes and generations to communicate across IT systems and share data. Built for materials services machines that share a wide range of tasks, toii allows for the planning and coordinating of processes across worldwide locations. The end-to-end platform enables the simplification of data gathering and analytics for predictive maintenance, automation of production operations, and increased operational efficiency. The in-house development is highly scalable, integrates up to several hundred machines each year and transfers work orders in real time.


Larson Electronics EHL-LED-ITG-240XLV-100
Larson Electronics
released the EHL-LED-ITG-240XLV-100 25-watt inspection drop light for use in hazardous locations, manufacturing inspections and automotive applications. The waterproof and vaporproof drop light is constructured of non-sparking aluminum and has a frosted lens to ensure clarity and prevent blinding. The explosion-
proof LED lamp emits 2,750 lumens; offers 360-degree illumination via an angled board configuration; and is approved for Class I, Divisions 1 and 2, and Class II, Divisions 1 and 2, environments. It also features a 100-foot 16/3 chemical- and abrasion-resistant SOOW cord with industrial-grade cord cap and can be mounted on poles, hooks, corners and indentions with chains or swivel hooks. 

Material handling

Seegrid GP8 Series 6
announced its GP8 Series 6 self-driving pallet truck. The fully automated, vision-guided vehicle allows for hands-free material and load exchange that promotes worker safety, increases productivity and produces more consistent throughput. The pallet is equipped with the Seegrid Smart Platform, which combines a flexible, infrastructure-free, end-to-end solution with fleet management and enterprise data that is aligned with Industry 4.0 and lean initiatives. The pallet operates without wires, lasers, magnets or tape, allowing operators to change routes in-house; operate in manual mode; and scale fleets as necessary in e-commerce, automotive, manufacturing and distribution industries. 



Labelmaster and Procyon Alpha introduced Obexion packaging solutions to more easily ship and store lithium-ion batteries and products that contain them. The packaging is available in two types: a durable, multi-use metal container for larger-sized batteries or shipment volumes and a lightweight, eco-friendly fiberboard box for single use and reverse logistics situations. Obexion does not contain heavy inner packaging components, which allows for easy assembly, reduced weight and lower shipping costs. It also uses passive technology to achieve capabilities such as fire resistance, thermal and gas management, and full ballistic and pressure management.


K-Sun Labelworks PX LW-PX 400
, an Epson Group company, developed the LABELWORKS PX LW-PX 400 portable, wireless and lightweight label and wire-marking printer. LABELWORKS PX LW-PX 400 can use iLabel and Datacom apps on Bluetooth-equipped iOS or Android mobile devices in the field or Label Editor Professional on a PC. Designed for labeling jobs in telecom and datacom industries, it prints on supplies from one-sixth inch to
1 inch wide, has a removable drop-guard printer cover that meets MIL-STD-810F standards in tough environments and comes with pre-loaded TIA-606-B patch-panel templates from selected hardware manufacturers. In addition, it can be powered by six AA batteries when used wirelessly and comes with an AC adapter for workstation printing. 

Radio frequency identification

Smartrac Midas FlagTag
announced the Midas FlagTag, a new radio frequency identification (RFID) tag for consumer goods and industrial components. It features Impinj Monza R6IC and uses RAIN RFID technology based on the GS1 and ISO’s UHF (Ultra High Frequency) RFID protocol standard. Tags can be sized as a 60-by-21-millimeter standard flat paper tag or with an exposed 17-by-21-millimeter flag when sized as a 43-by-21-millimeter tag.Because of the antenna structure incorporated into its metallic surface, a tag can achieve read distances of 10 meters and connect with an RFID printer for easy printing and encoding. Designed especially for retail, pharmaceutical, health care and industrial environments, the tags promote cost savings and adhere to metallic packaging and liquids containers. 

Shop floor

Emerson DeltaV PK controller
launched its DeltaV PK controller for scalable automation control in process industries. The controller can be used for easily implemented, stand-alone control of advanced automation on skids or be integrated into the DeltaV distributed control system in larger manufacturing operations. Designed with connectivity in mind, it contains a built-in OPC Unified Architecture server, six Ethernet ports and built-in protocols to communicate with Ethernet-connected motors and drives. The controller operates with any Emerson DeltaV input/output type and features built-in redundancy for controllers, communication and power supplies for improved uptime, minimized complexity and increased performance.

Hamilton Caster AE Series
Hamilton Caster
announced its new shock-absorbing AE Series caster for the aerospace and heavy-duty material handling industries. Featuring Spinfinity maintenance-free swivel construction, the unibody spring-loaded casters reduce noise; protect cargo; and promote extended caster, wheel and bearing life. The kingpinless platform has a top plate and inner raceway of forged steel and is machined and hardened for shock absorption and smooth swiveling. In addition, a laser-cut and bent-steel spring housing provides durability. The wheels are available in sizes ranging from 4 inches in diameter by 2 inches wide up to 12 inches in diameter by 5 inches wide and can be modified to custom requirements.

Meller Optics sapphire and ruby balls
Meller Optics
introduced a full line of sapphire and ruby balls. They are designed to serve as ball check valves, stylus tips, and spacers in fiber-optic and endoscopic lens systems. Supplied with a calibration certificate validating diameter and sphericity, they feature Mohs 9 hardness and surface finishes of 0.008 to 0.010 micron roughness average. The sapphire and ruby balls are available in 42 metric and standard sizes ranging from 0.1 millimeters to 0.5 inches in diameter and are impervious to most chemicals, solvents and detergents. Durable and stable, they have a 2,000 degrees Celsius melting point, a 0.2 coefficient of friction and a refraction of index of 1.76 microns at 20 degrees Celsius.

Stafford Manufacturing split hub clamps
Stafford Manufacturing
introduced new split hub clamps for stationary and rotary applications. The clamps can be used with hollow shaft motors, encoders and gearboxes; are manufactured to original equipment manufacturer specifications; and are non-marring. Available in one- and two-piece clamp-style designs, they range in size from one-quarter inch to 6 inches and feature wider slots, stress relief holes and balancing flats. The clamps can be machined from aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, titanium and other alloys; are easy to adjust; and can be customized in various ways for heavy-duty construction, balancing options and external modifications. 

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