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“Millennials in Supply Chain” Research Released

  • APICS staff
November/December 2017

The “Millennials in Supply Chain” research project shows that supply chain professionals in their 20s and 30s are focused on and committed to the field. The research, conducted in April by APICS and Peerless Research Group in conjunction with Supply Chain Management Review and the American Productivity & Quality Center, found that millennials view supply chain as a sought-after, dynamic and rewarding long-term career choice.

The study explored various factors that could contribute to millennials choosing and remaining in the supply chain field. For instance, compared with previous generations, millennials working in supply chain are more likely to have begun their careers in supply chain management. Plus, 75 percent of millennial survey respondents reported that they completed coursework, internships and college degrees in the supply chain management and logistics to prepare for their careers.

Millennials also see long-term benefits and opportunities in supply chain. Of survey respondents, 81 percent indicated that they think they can make a difference, 87 percent believe working in the field will help with their personal growth and development, and 88 percent agree that there are opportunities for advancement. When expressing what satisfied them most about their current positions, 85 percent noted that supply chain involves a diverse workforce.

When asked about career challenges, the chief complaints included frustrations about older generations’ attitudes toward millennials, a disconnected feeling from their companies’ “big pictures” and a lack of purpose in the workplace.

Read the full research report at

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