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Industry Tools -- September/October 2017

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September/October 2017


SSI SCHAEFER introduced the SSI Carrier, a compact, overhead conveying system designed to meet the demands of e-commerce distribution and returned goods. The system contains a universal carrier, circulating conveyor, accumulation conveyor and switches alongside workstations for loading and unloading carrier units. An overhead carrier transports hanging goods, pockets or pouches on rollers at rates as fast as 10,000 carriers per hour, with radio frequency identification tag on each carrier. The tool distributes flow evenly, eliminates declines and uses 10 percent less space for multiple levels of inventory processing.

Enterprise management

1EDISource launched PartnerXchange (PX), a web-based solution for electronic data interchange (EDI) business transactions. The solution uses EDI workflow intelligence technology to examine data for pending workflow needs and exchanges, alert users when documents need to be sent to trading partners, and prevent the bypassing of necessary steps in order to achieve compliance with trading partners. A web-accessible, customizable interface includes a summary dashboard with key transaction status widgets, access to program tools, data downloads, configuration alerts and other settings. Common and major EDI transaction sets and types are exchanged and translated for improved operational efficiency, accuracy, trading partner management and data accessibility.


Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley GuardShielf L-B 450 Safety Light Curtain

Rockwell Automation introduced the Allen-Bradley GuardShield L-B 450 Safety Light Curtain system. The flexible transceiver design employs plug-in modules that establish a unit’s function as a customizable transmitter or receiver. Five-pin plug ins are used for basic on-off functionality, or eight-pin plug ins can be used for manual and automatic restarts. Advanced function settings can be configured through dual in-line package switches on the plug-in module. An active protective field senses the length of the transceiver, reducing inactive sensing areas and making the module ideal for hand and finger detection. Its compact design, flexible mounting kits and built-in alignment enable quick and easy installation.

Shop floor


CIMCOOL, a Milacron brand, released a series of MILPRO Process oils formulated for slide-way, hydraulic and gear oil applications. The clear-colored lubricating oils reduce friction on machine tool slide-ways, provide uniform oil film for smooth table motion and reduce metal-to-metal wear for trouble-free lubrication. The hydraulic oils transmit power, provide lubrication and protect gear systems, and the gear oils are used for differential gears and standard transmission applications for lubrication and cooling while offering extreme temperature and pressure protection to prevent wear, pitting and damage. All fluids have tested successfully for metalworking fluid compatibility.

HARTING North America Han Pneumatic Module Metal Contacts

HARTING North America, part of HARTING Technology Group, released its Han Pneumatic Module Metal contacts, which can be plugged and unplugged through 10,000 mating cycles. The pneumatic module withstands pressures from the entire low pressure range up to 10 bars and is available in variants with two or three plug slots. The Han Pneumatic Module Metal solution is equipped with metal contacts instead of plastic ones and can be used with various HARTING connector series for streamlined flexible production processes, high mating cycles, and increased cost- and space-saving opportunities.

Klein Tools Heavy-Dutry Wire Stripper

Klein Tools introduced its Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper. Designed specifically for stripping, cutting and twisting 10-18 American Wire Gauge (AWG) solid and 12-20 AWG stranded wires, the tool features precision-ground stripping holes, induction-hardened cutting knives for longer life and a thick knurled jaw for twisting as many as three wires at once. Forged from U.S.-made proprietary steel for strength and durability, the tool is four times stronger than existing Klein wire strippers. Additionally, the wire stripper has a hot-riveted joint that ensures smooth action without a handle wobble, Klein-Kurve comfort grip handles, and both 6-32 and 8-32 bolt shearing holes suitable for electrical and trade work.

LDT Dosiertechniks DOSEURO RAPIDA motor inverter solution

LDT Dosiertechniks expanded its DOSEURO product range to include the RAPIDA motor inverter solution. The RAPIDA system motor frequency varies from 6 to 60 hertz to give a proportional flow rate between 10 and 100 percent pump capacity. The frequency can be set at the motor, on an integrated liquid crystal display or remotely via a 4-20mA signal. Other features include easy adjustment of flow rate; a level sensor to automatically stop the pump; and an alarm that monitors voltage, temperature and load capacity. An application can be programmed to operate in batch control mode for periods of time from 1 to 9,999 minutes, and existing pumps are easily retrofitted on site.

Steerprop unveiled its CRP ECO LM propulsor featuring permanent magnet technology from The Switch, a Yaskawa company. A vertical motor enables the propulsor to sit inside a vessel hull along with the auxiliary electric systems and instrumentation, allowing for simplified installation, maintenance and reliability. The motor can be placed on top of the thruster for a compact unit size and increased efficiency, promoting lower operational costs and efficient hydrodynamics. The combination contra-rotating propeller and permanent magnet motor uses as much as 25 percent less fuel than traditional electric alternatives and promotes efficiency throughout the entire speed range. Suitable for harsh environment operations including icebreaking, the tool has received the highest ice classification.

SPX Flow Universal Twin Screw Series Pump

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell, an SPX FLOW brand, released the Universal Twin Screw Series Pump. Screw rotors made from Waukesha 88 non-galling alloy enable tight internal clearance for increased efficiency, resulting in efficient pump performance and higher flow rates with low inlet pressure. Ideal for food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical process industries, the pump handles multiple process duties; offers bidirectional flow capacity without modification; and reduces the number of pumps, valves and controls necessary for installation. Twin-screw operation reduces pressure fluctuations and operating noise. The solution accommodates both clean-in-place and steam-in-place cleaning and features high-strength bearings.

Tracking and labeling

FourKites temperature and location tracker

FourKites launched a real-time temperature-and location-tracking solution for shippers. Shipment temperatures can be monitored more accurately to ensure temperatures remain within specified safe ranges, and reduce spoilage, operational costs and onetime spot buys. The solution relays load temperatures and location data every 15 minutes from telematics and temperature tracking manufacturers, connecting carriers and shippers. It also features customizable notifications if temperatures fall out of a set range and visualization and analysis tools for reviewing individual and aggregate load temperatures for trend spotting and benchmarking in operational improvements.


Kinedyne LLC introduced THE E-HOOK wall-mounted, freight-loading storage solution for linear, flexible and hard-tostow cargo. With a working load limit of 300 pounds, users can mount the solution to any vertically installed A-Track, E-Track or logistic post wall systems. An eye-loop at the outer end and clear zinc-plated steel with slip-resistant orange vinyl coating in the cradle area offer additional cargo stability and security. Multiple hooks can be used at different heights to accommodate longer cargo or items with contoured shapes and securely store cargo while increasing worker safety by reducing tripping hazards.

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