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APICS Future of Supply Chains Research Grant Recipients Announced

  • APICS staff
September/October 2017

The APICS Future of Supply Chains Research Grants examine the influence of emerging trends on supply chains and value networks. Applications were reviewed by the Research Subcommittee of the APICS Research, Innovation & Strategy Committee (RISC), and funding was awarded to four projects. The criteria for evaluating proposals included relevance to the program theme, rigor of methods and analysis, meaningful advancement of the supply chain body of knowledge, and the potential to contribute to related disciplines.

Grant awardees include the following:

  • Leveraging Big Data to Enhance Firm Manufacturing and Sustainability Performance. Principle researcher: Amrou Awaysheh. Goal: to understand the relationship between sustainability and manufacturing performance.
  • Blockchain Technology’s Contributions to Supply Chain Business and Sustainability Value. Principle researchers: Sara Saberi and Joseph Sarkis. Goal: to investigate sustainable supply chain networks integrated with blockchain technology, incorporating social and environmental issues.
  • The Intelligent Supply Chain: Developing a Maturity Model for Digitization and Visibility. Principle researchers: Nada Sanders and Morgan Swink. Goal: to explain what it means to be a digital supply chain within the context of a firm’s supply chain business model.
  • Supply Chain Analytics and the Evolving Work of Supply Chain Managers. Principle researchers: Enno Siemsen and John Aloysius. Goal: to understand the synthesis of automated system recommendations with independent managerial judgment.

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