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New Committee Guides APICS Research

  • APICS staff
May/June 2017

APICS has established a new standing committee to provide guidance on the research direction of the association. The Research, Innovation & Strategy Committee (RISCommittee) will endeavor to ensure APICS comprehends emerging trends, technologies, and issues that will affect the practice of supply chain management in the future. The committee also aims to translate insights of strategic significance into actionable recommendations so that APICS can continue to provide meaningful thought leadership for its members and the supply chain field.

The RISCommittee oversees two additional subcommittees— the Research subcommittee and the Sensing subcommittee—each with its own set of goals that contribute to the RISCommittee’s overarching mission. The Research subcommittee is focused on reviewing proposals for, managing, and translating output from research grants. The Sensing subcommittee seeks to identify the hot topics on the leading edge of the supply chain field and suggest ways APICS can bring these subjects into its body of knowledge.

The RISC Sensing subcommittee also is seeking input from individuals about emerging topics relevant to supply chain management. Join the discussion on the APICS Supply Chain Channel in the RISC Sensing Subcommittee Emerging Topics community by visiting

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