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APICS WWU Student Chapter Pays It Forward

  • APICS staff
May/June 2017

After APICS student members Zane Hashmi, Nathan Hill, and Lara Masri won the Boeing Northwest Case Competition last November, they decided to be charitable with their portions of the five-person team’s prize. The trio of Western Washington University (WWU) manufacturing and supply chain management students donated their combined $600 winnings to the APICS WWU student chapter, according to a university news release.

“We wanted to give back because the program has given so much to us,” Masri said in the release.

Hashmi agreed, adding in a VikingFunder video: “APICS has helped us network with people who are working in our industry. It has helped us meet dedicated and talented students. And it has really formed a community around our major, which makes our whole program unique.”

But the philanthropy of these student officers was just the beginning of a larger effort for the chapter. Hashmi had the idea of approaching the student chapter’s advisory board with the offer and asking these advisers to match the donation. The executive committee of the advisory board was so moved and impressed by the students’ generosity and dedication to the chapter that the members instead contributed $5,650 in the students’ honor. Part of these funds came from a generous match by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, according to the WWU release.

From here, the donation campaign kept rolling. The student chapter members contacted former officers from as far back as the chapter’s founding in 1991 and asked them to donate too. Alumni responded enthusiastically with more than $3,000 in donations. Following this success, the team then reached out to all alumni, industry partners, family, friends, and anyone interested in supporting the student chapter and invited them to donate through VikingFunder, a crowdfunding site hosted by WWU.

The three students, supported by advisory board member and WWU alumnus Denny Organ, had garnered nearly $16,000 as of early April and hope to reach $20,000 by early June. The collected funds will be used to send student officers to APICS 2017 and future annual conferences, host student networking events, support chapter meetings, provide scholarships, improve the quality of WWU’s Manufacturing & Supply Chain and Operations Management education programs, and strengthen and sustain the student chapter. To donate to this initiative, visit

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