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Industry Tools -- March/April 2017

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March/April 2017

Enterprise management

IFS Mobile Workforce Management

IFS released version 5.8 of its IFS Mobile Workforce Management solution. This tool supports automatic shift planning and rostering for individuals or groups based on a variety of constraints, such as number of work hours, number of work days, and permissible shift patterns. New self-learning scheduling features also use an extended data archive to allow for more informed scheduling decisions. Other features, such as capacity planning and target-based scheduling, now run in scalable, multi-tenant Microsoft Azure environments to support occasional users and ensure maximum system availability for the solution’s dynamic scheduling engine.

One Network Enterprises
updated its Real Time Value Network (RTVN) tool with version 16.0. The latest edition provides improved real-time supply chain visibility with always-on predictive monitoring. Cloud-based computing enables an unlimited number of trading partners to plan, execute, monitor, synchronize, and optimize all business processes and events. Also new with version 16.0 are command and control-monitoring features for executive roles, improved inventory visibility across tiers and parties, and streaming capabilities from internet of things sensors.

Rockwell Automation introduced its FactoryTalk AssetCentre version 7.0 software. This solution automates discovery of hardware, firmware, and software assets in a facility or production operation and tracks the status of those components as well as devices and network switches. It also enables manual entry of details not captured by the devices and information about off-network tools.

Zontec announced updates to its Synergy 1000 Cloud application, which include enhancements to improve the accessibility of real-time data collection, charting, monitoring, analysis, communication, and reporting. The new key performance indicator dashboard lets users assess, track, and analyze factors contributing to production efficiency. A collection of templates, standard charts, and reports improves data presentation. Also included are enhancements that calculate and report availability, performance efficiency, rate of quality product, and overall equipment effectiveness.

Material handling

Crown RT 4000

Crown Equipment offers the Crown RT 4000 Series pallet truck. The truck features easy-to-use controls, standard electronic power steering, powerful acceleration, and a short head length to help optimize maneuverability. Crown RTs are designed with five points of contact between the operator and the trucks and include a four-point suspension for maximum stability. Additional features include a left-hand steer tiller design, traction and lift and lower controls that match the truck’s direction, AC motors, and Crown’s eGen Braking system in place of traditional friction brakes.

Dorner Manufacturing Universal Drive

Dorner Manufacturing unveiled the Universal Drive for its 2200 Series low-profile, end-drive belt conveyor platforms. This drive technology, developed by Electric Torque Machines, is designed to integrate universally across the 2200 Series end-drive conveyor line. A single part number for the drive package covers all speeds and loads as well as 21 mounting positions, enabling operators to reduce stock keeping units and stocked service items. Its belt offers speeds of 5–230 feet per minute and can handle loads as heavy as 40–80 pounds, depending on belt speed. The Universal Drive employs a three-bolt mounting setup and is offered as a complete package including the motor, mount, and controller.

Mobile computing

Handheld Algiz 10x Tablet

Handheld launched the Algiz 10X tablet for use in rugged work environments. The solution features a 10.1-inch touchscreen that automatically adjusts back-lighting for use in indoor and outdoor environments. Its touchscreen is available in resistive or capacitive response options, and the keypad offers additional navigation with directional keys and three programmable buttons. In addition, the rugged tablet is equipped with the Enterprise LTSB version of Windows 10; several connectivity options, including wireless local area network, Bluetooth, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and video graphics array and RS232 ports; a quad-core Intel N2930 1.83 gigahertz processor; and an expandable 128-gigabyte solid-state drive.

Shop floor

Branson GLX-3

Branson unveiled the GLX-3 large-scale laser welder. This tool uses Branson’s patented Simultaneous Thru-Transmission Infrared process, which heats, melts, and joins the entire weld line of two or more parts simultaneously rather than traveling the length of the weld, which is necessary in scan or trace laser welding processes. The GLX-3 laser welder delivers cycle times as fast as 0.5–5 seconds, depending on part material and geometric complexity, on weld lines as long as 6.5 feet. It also features a servo-driven lift table capable of accommodating weights up to 1,100 pounds and four levels of laser power ranging from 1,250 to 2,000 watts.

Cimcool Cimpulse

Cimcool Fluid Technology, a Milacron brand, added a new product to its CIMPULSE fluid line. CIMPULSE 49MP is a low-foaming, oil-containing, multipurpose fluid for moderate to heavy-duty machining and grinding of metals. The chlorine- and dicyclohexylamine-free fluid is formulated with Boundary lubricant, allowing it to be used without the addition of traditional extreme-pressure lubricants. Like other options in the CIMPULSE fluid line, CIMPULSE 49MP is suited for automotive, aerospace, and industrial metalworking applications and is recommended for turning, drilling, milling, reaming, boring, tapping, and grinding of most metals.

CRP Industrial Reinflex Airless Paint Hoses

CRP Industrial released the Reinflex Airless Paint Hose product range. The portfolio includes 15 distinct hose styles that offer a variety of working pressures from low suction to 10,000 pounds per square inch. The hoses are available in a number of cover options, including polyurethane and stainless steel braiding for improved durability, and are rated for operation in temperatures ranging from minus 90 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. A variety of male and female fitting styles allow for versatility in application. Reinflex Airless Paint Hoses range in length from 4 inches to 500 feet and in diameter from one-eighth inch to 1 inch. Custom sizes and coupling capabilities also are available.

L-com Global Connectivity introduced its Ultra-Lock M12 cable assemblies, which are designed to eliminate connector-related intermittent signals in harsh environments. The assemblies employ a unique radial seal and a mechanical-locking design that snaps into place with a quick push-pull motion. When the cables are mated, they are IP69K rated to provide protection against liquids and particulates, even in wash-down or submerged applications. The cable assemblies feature polyvinyl chloride jackets, 22-American wire gauge conductors, and four-position and five-position A-coded connector options. They are available in male-to-pigtail, female-to-pigtail, and male-to-female options.

Transportation and Logistics

MapQuest relaunched its patented Route Planner technology to simplify the process of creating, optimizing, and manipulating complex routes with multiple stops. Route Planner can create a route with as many as 26 stops and optimize it for either the shortest time or the shortest distance. Users can import addresses from external sources, such an Excel file; control routes and the order of stops; and select advanced route options that avoid highways or tolls. Drivers receive turn-by-turn directions as well as estimated travel times and gas mileage reimbursement rates for each leg of the trip through the MapQuest mobile application.

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