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Opportunities for All in the APICS Mentor Center

  • APICS staff
January/February 2017

APICS launched an online mentorship program to help students and young professionals connect with more experienced individuals for mentorship and career guidance. The APICS Mentor Center is a web-based tool open to ASCM Members. Individuals at all career stages are encouraged to participate and can act as both mentors and mentees concurrently, if desired.

The APICS Mentor Center provides a database of mentor and mentee profiles, which mentees may search based on a variety of criteria, including geographic location, employer, and areas of expertise, to find a mentor. The database aims to facilitate initial contact between potential mentors and mentees, enabling them to then establish the unique professional relationship that suits both people’s needs.

The APICS Mentor Center guides mentors and mentees on the path to a successful mentoring relationship in a variety of ways. When completing their registrations and profiles, mentors and mentees are asked about their areas of interest and the amount of time per month they are able to commit. Confirming that these criteria are in alignment is the first step to ensuring a positive experience. The mentor center also provides a goal-planning worksheet to make the first meeting between mentor and mentee as easy and productive as possible.

In a successful mentoring relationship, the benefits flow both ways. Participating in the APICS mentorship program gives mentors the opportunity to make a significant, meaningful difference in another person’s career and life. Helping to shape the next generation of industry leaders can be a rewarding and memorable part of the mentor’s own career. For mentees, the program is an outstanding opportunity to learn, network, ask questions, and share knowledge as they begin or advance their careers. Visit to learn more about the benefits of the APICS mentorship program.

To sign up to be a mentor or mentee through the APICS Mentor Center, visit

Top 10 Benefits of Mentorship

Fictional Business, Real Lessons at TFC APICS Global Student Challenge

Student teams from around the globe met at APICS 2016 to compete in the final round of the third annual The Fresh Connection (TFC) APICS Global Student Challenge. After beating out hundreds of other teams in the preliminary rounds, the 14 participants in the Washington, DC, finals included student teams from Binghamton University, California State University San Marcos, Duke University, San Diego State University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Wisconsin– Milwaukee, Western Illinois University, HEC Montreal, McGill University, Nationale des Sciences Appliquees de Tetouan, Shanghai University, Technologico de Monterrey, University of Southern Denmark, and Universidad del Pacifico. Team ReFresh from HEC Montreal earned the top spot in the competition, with GCAV from McGill University and The Order of the Phoenix from Universidad del Pacifico coming in second and third, respectively.

2016 TFC APICS Winners

The TFC APICS Global Student Challenge tasks students with building high-performing supply chains in a business simulation based on the fictitious juice company Fresh Connection. Each team consists of four members who serve as the vice presidents of purchasing, operations, sales, and supply chain at the company. By making strategic decisions that optimize the supply chain and positively affect business results, teams accumulate points throughout the competition. Successful teams improve supply chain efficiency and increase revenue by tearing down functional silos and adopting a collaborative mind-set. In the end, the team with the greatest return on investment wins.

Throughout the final round of the competition, student teams were given the opportunity to participate in the conference’s educational sessions and keynotes and to take advantage of networking opportunities with industry experts from around the globe. Next year’s 2017 TFC APICS Global Student Challenge finals will take place at APICS 2017 in San Antonio, October 15–17. Registration for the 2017 competition is open through April. For more information, visit

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