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Industry Tools -- November/December 2016

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November/December 2016

Mettler Toledo scales

METTLER TOLEDO now offers a family of shipping scales designed for retail shipping stores, post offices, corporate mail rooms, warehouse shipping docks, and warehouse packing stations. The BC Scales combine METTLER TOLEDO’s reliable, rugged operation with the latest technology. Each scale is equipped with a Boot Up Wizard for easy setup and configuration, an intuitive interface for ease of use, multiple language settings, and information about various global approvals. In addition, users can connect to the scale and enter and receive information via Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB, virtual serial port, serial port, and keyboard wedge.

Enterprise management

Birst announced its Networked BI & Analytics platform, which enables customers to create digital supply chains. The system supports collaboration with internal business processes and external customers and suppliers about transparently governed data. Real-time visibility into raw material inventory, sales forecasts, logistics tracking and delivery, and more enables decision makers to proactively adjust to changes in supply and demand while understanding the effects of these decisions across the ecosystem. Extranet and external data blending capabilities also allow users to bring their own data into the network to share forecasts, help anticipate changes, and plan for different scenarios.

IntelliChief released IntelliChief Analytics, a multilingual business intelligence platform that offers complete visibility into live documentation in IntelliChief ECM (enterprise content management). The system engages data with interactive visualizations including heat maps; gauges; geographic maps; waterfall charts; data tables with in-cell graphics; and grouped, cross-tab reports with drill-down and drill-through capabilities. This enables users to customize reports based on any data facet and company needs. In addition, the self-service capabilities, including report templates for accounts payable workflows, make it possible to create reports without technical assistance. All reports can be regularly scheduled, saved, and shared with others.

One Network Real Time Value Network

One Network Enterprises launched the latest version of its Real Time Value Network (RTVN). Version 16.0 of this system provides improved real-time supply chain visibility with always-on predictive monitoring. This feature can collect streaming data from internet of things sensors, anticipate the effects of detected deviations, and enable proactive resolutions. RTVN version 16.0 also includes one of the industry’s first directional profit and loss statements, providing predictive insights about financial performance built directly from up-to-date, forward-looking execution; improved optimization of global inbound supply-demand match incorporating inventory management, logistics, and order management; and social collaboration embedded within workbenches so that users can engage in multi-enterprise chats and broadcast messages to all users.

Fleet management

Omnitracs ELD Driver Retention Model

Omnitracs unveiled a fleet management solution designed to identify and retain the truck drivers who are most likely to voluntarily leave their jobs. Last year, the trucking industry’s turnover rate reached 95 percent, and the cost of onboarding a new truck driver is approximately $5,000. Omnitracs ELD Driver Retention Model is designed to reduce this turnover rate and avoid these costs. The electronic logging device (ELD) system uses extensive data that companies already collect—such as hours worked, customer site delays, lack of hours, and amount of activity on the clock—to detect subtle changes in driver habits. These shifts could be key indicators of a driver’s desire to quit. When an issue is detected, users can proactively engage drivers through training and intervention programs to increase safety and job satisfaction, improve relationships with their managers, and ultimately prevent driver turnover.


ORBIS HDB1012 BulkPack

ORBIS introduced its collapsible, all-plastic BulkPack reusable container with specific dimensions designed for use in the European market. The HDB1012 BulkPack is one of the first heavy-duty plastic bulk containers in the industry that can hold as much as 900 kilograms. This reusable container can be collapsed and securely stacked when empty for more space-efficient returns, especially compared with non-collapsible steel tubs. In addition, the high-density polyethylene container is designed to be strong and durable enough to handle heavy-weight loads, such as automotive and industrial parts; is easy to clean; does not rust; and will not harbor pests, mold, or fungus. Available in four different height options—582 millimeters, 732 millimeters, 870 millimeters, or 980 millimeters—the pack also can be customized with access doors and bottom styles that accommodate a wide range of material handling equipment, storage, and shipping needs. At the end of its service life, the HDB1012 BulkPack can be fully recycled.

Shop floor

CRP Industrial Tudertechnica Teflon PTFE chemical hose

CRP Industrial released two new Tudertechnica Teflon polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)-lined chemical hoses for use in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotechnology, and food industries. The TUFLUOR PTFE CHEM design incorporates a smooth liner of Teflon transparent-white, co-extruded, non-pigmented PTFE and is designed to minimize the potential risk of migration of conveyed substances in chemical and food applications. The TUFLUOR PTFE PHARM design also features a Teflon PTFE liner but is made to meet pharmaceutical industry specifications. All Tudertechnica Teflon-lined hoses are manufactured with smooth surfaces and less micro-porosity than a pigmented fluoropolymer-lined hose to ensure substance purity.

Fiber Optic Center added the Hernon Tuffbond 302 epoxy adhesive, trömBond, to its epoxy line. As a high-viscosity material, Tuffbond 302 flows well and cures fast without absorbing humidity. The chemical- and heat-resistant epoxy consistently performs under temperatures between minus 45 degrees Celsius and 85 degrees Celsius. Tuffbond 302 commonly is used in the fiber optic industry for potting and encapsulation but also is recommended for bonding metals, wood, and ceramics and potting and encapsulating electrical and electronic components.

Permatex Spray Nine

Permatex offers its Spray Nine Heavy-Duty Cleaner/Degreaser for maintaining hard-to-clean commercial and industrial equipment. As a US Environmental Protection Agency-registered disinfectant and National Sanitation Foundation Level C1 Certified product, Spray Nine removes dirt, grease, and tough soils and disinfects a wide range of equipment, including off-road construction vehicles and farming and manufacturing items. The cleaner is approved for use in food processing plants and can help control mold and mildew. In addition, Spray Nine is VOC (volatile organic compound) compliant in all 50 US states and does not contain petroleum or chlorination chemicals. Permatex offers Spray Nine Heavy-Duty Cleaner/Degreaser in 22-ounce and 32-ounce spray bottles, 1-gallon jugs, 5-gallon pails, and 55-gallon drums.

Vycon VDC XXE flywheel kinetic storage system

VYCON, a subsidiary of Calnetix Technologies, released its VDC XXE flywheel kinetic energy storage system for emergency backup power. The VYCON VDC XXE is a reliable, cost-efficient power source designed to support uninterruptible power systems, particularly those in medical facilities. It provides instant, regulated DC electricity to help the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to start up and transition to the emergency generator during a power outage, ensuring that vital electronics are kept on line. In addition, the system uses full five-axis active magnetic bearings, which enable frictionless, maintenance-free flywheel levitation and eliminate the need for lubrication and bearing replacement.

Tracking and labeling

Barcoding Active Asset Tracker

Barcoding launched its Active Asset Tracker (AAT) solution, which leverages the power of the internet of things and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons to provide inventory visibility. When coupled with the AAT app, the BLE beacons allow users to continuously and accurately track information about an asset’s presence, temperature, and movement. Once placed on tracked assets, the beacons communicate data every two seconds to smartphones that are as far as 150 feet away, even when the asset is inside a vehicle or container. Through the app, users can change the item’s state to classifications such as en route or on site, which are reflected by the beacon’s LED indicator for easy asset identification. Users also can set up email alerts through the app based on threshold exceptions.


Hyster has developed a fully insulated cab for the R1.42.5 Reach Truck series to protect operators working in cold-storage conditions. Through the use of a 2 kilowatt heater in the cab door and three small grid heaters on the mast side of the cab, the insulated cab maintains a comfortable temperature of 15 degrees Celsius while operating in facilities that are as cold as minus 30 degrees Celsius. However, the truck also is capable of operating in even colder conditions but for limited durations. In addition, the cab can be equipped with heated glass or polycarbonate windshields to prevent frost. Although drivers should be able to work inside the cab without the need for additional clothing, the door is designed to allow easy opening while wearing freezer suits and mittens. To keep the Cold Store Reach Truck operating at peak levels, it is equipped with cold-resistant cables and bearings, hoses, and chains designed for cold-store operation.

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