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Industry Tools--September/October 2016

  • APICS partners
September/October 2016

Enterprise management


ArrowStream enhanced its OnDemand platform to better help restaurants and food service providers manage their food supply. OnDemand now features an updated interface tailored for managing spend, inventory, contracts, promotions, and pricing. The system aggregates data from a restaurant’s supply chain partners to provide users with insights, transparency, and control. It also monitors inventory and alerts users when items are in low supply or out of stock. OnDemand's category-spend and compliance analytics enable exception-driven oversight and planning for both perishable and non-perishable spend. This helps restaurants plan for seasonal specials or other promotions, for example. In addition, new features assist restaurants and their corporate offices with quality issues.

LeaseAccelerator updated its equipment lease management software to support the new lease accounting standards introduced by the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board. The new functionality enables companies to track more than 100 data attributes for each individual piece of equipment along with all of the judgments, calculations, emails, and supporting documentation. Activities that might affect the accounting—including upgrades, swaps, partial buyouts, returns, and renewals— also are tracked for each leased asset. In a few mouse clicks, users can generate income, balance sheet, and cash flow statements that comply with the new standards.



ORBIS introduced a more efficient design for its FliPak line of reusable plastic containers. Specifically, its model FP244 container has been upgraded with a reinforced rim and improved plastic hinge for smoother, more efficient material handling. The boxes, which can be used as an alternative to corrugated shipping boxes, also feature added ribbing for better weight-load distribution and a smooth, flat lid for optimal weight-bearing capacity. Plus, the updated dimensions boost truckload efficiency. A 53-foot truck trailer can carry 3,520 of these containers.



K-Sun released the Epson LABELWORKS PX LW-PX800 multi-application thermal transfer printer. The Wi-Fi equipped printer allows multiple users to connect to it from their desktops, smartphones, and tablets to print safety, warehouse, tool room, office, and other types of labels. The LW-PX800 is equipped with built-in tape-saving features, fast print speeds, and the PeelGuard trimmer to ensure long-lasting labels. It is compatible with PX Tape, which is available in 163 different types, sizes, and colors up to 1.5 inches wide.

Process improvement

Schneider Electric released its Line Performance Suite, a subscription-based, turnkey line-enhancement and productivity-improvement solution for food and beverage and consumer packaged goods manufacturers. The Line Performance Suite offers visibility into key performance indicators for real-time access to critical operating parameters. This information can help reduce bottlenecks and downtime, lower scrap rates, and improve first-pass yields to achieve better quality and right-first-time metrics. Through these improvements, the Line Performance Suite helps users unlock hidden production line capacity and improve profitability and overall equipment efficiency, the company says.


ID TECH now offers its SmartPin K100, a PIN entry device for secure outdoor and unattended transactions. Designed for kiosks, fuel dispensers, vending machines, and other point-of-sale systems that accept credit and debit card payments, SmartPin K100 supports the triple data encryption algorithm and securely transmits data. The solution also is equipped with a molded metal body; stainless steel cover; metal-engraved, waterproof keys; and a built-in battery that maintains the cryptographic keys during power outages and storage. In addition, the SmartPin K100 is US Americans with Disabilities Act compliant and offers tactile and audio feedback with each keystroke.

Shop floor


Cleco, a brand of Apex Tool Group, introduced its new TULMan Electronic Counter. The universal product is designed to manage the use and repair of the pneumatic tools connected to the counter. Through the system’s free software, users can schedule maintenance intervals or calibration checks for a tool based on either cycles or run time. The system’s colored LED lights notify users when a limit is near or has been reached and a calibration check is needed. In addition, the electronic counter helps users track tool usage and compare product usage among different operators to improve productivity and processes. The TULMan Electronic Counter works with any pneumatic tool with up to 20 cubic feet per minute of air flow.


Clearpath Robotics expanded its OTTO line of self-driving vehicles with OTTO 100. The vehicle is designed for autonomous light-load material transport in factories and warehouses. OTTO uses Clearpath’s self-driving operating system to provide autonomous transport of loads as large as 220 pounds at speeds as fast as 4.5 miles per hour. OTTO 100 travels the most efficient paths throughout a facility without the support of additional infrastructure and avoids collisions with other objects in the warehouse. The device can be configured with a lift, bin carrier, or cart and integrates directly with enterprise resources planning systems via the OTTO enterprise fleet management system.

SI Systems

SI Systems released its new Lo-Tow pallet truck in-floor conveyor system. Designed to reduce the ergonomic effects of handling pallet trucks, roller carts, customer carriers, and other devices, the system enables operators to quickly load their vehicles, bring them to the nearest towline station, scan the desired destination, and engage the tow pin for automatic delivery to the correct warehouse destination. In this way, the solution reduces the time operators spend moving trucks and carts across the facility and reduces random traffic within the building. The conveyor is installed flush with the floor so that traffic can move over the conveyor when it is not in use.


Sunnen's new SVL-2115 automated lapping machine is intended to bring increased productivity and part consistency to a traditionally manual process. The SVL-2115 provides single-setup processing of hydraulic valves, sleeves, fuel system components, and other parts that are prone to distortion when honed. The system uses an index table to automatically lap and air gage bores throughout the cycle. Gage readings then are fed back to the control, and the cycle is repeated until the parts meet specifications. The Sunnen lapping system is equipped to handle workpieces that are 6.5–20 millimeters in diameter and as long as 200 millimeters. Its spindle speed range is 100–200 rotations per minute during lapping, but it can work more slowly for non-powered steps, such as slow-rotation bore entry.

Transportation and logistics


Progistics Distribution released eDEMAND, a web app that connects businesses with same-day and on-demand delivery services. The app helps users tap into Progistics Distribution’s network of more than 700 professional drivers and facilitates mobile communication among businesses, drivers, and brokers. eDEMAND also enables users to optimize the process of planning routing operations while considering time, vehicle, and customer constraints, as well as driver rules. Additional features include real-time order tracking, live customer support, digital signature capture, and delivery verification, all of which help cut down on last-mile delivery costs.


NAVTOR launched a passage-planning module for its NavStation software to help navigators easily create the required documentation for vessel voyages. The system automatically logs all necessary passage plan information as a voyage is mapped out. It also includes type-specific formulas for different vessels to ensure all relevant details are captured. Then, the captain can print out and sign the documentation to present to port authorities or other relevant organizations.

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