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Industry Tools--July/August 2016

  • APICS partners
July/August 2016


Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO
Motorola Solutions
introduced its next-generation MOTOTRBO line of digital radios. Designed for plant workers in manufacturing, government services, transportation, and other industries, the radios are equipped with 29 hours of battery life, man-down alerts, and indoor location tracking. In addition, Wi-Fi connectivity enables a company to deliver software updates to workers in the field. In conjunction with this device, Motorola Solutions also launched Capacity Max, which serves as a trunking solution by temporarily allocating a channel from a pool of available channels to increase radio system efficiency and improve security.

Computer-aided design

Aras partnered with Elysium to release the Elysium xPDM for Aras connector solution. The solution facilitates data exchange between Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform and the Aras Innovator product life cycle management platform. Businesses are increasingly choosing to combine new platforms with existing systems to manage product information across the life cycle and the extended enterprise, the companies say. Design data from computer-aided design systems must be securely connected with engineering business processes across product development, manufacturing, quality, suppliers, and field service, which this new platform allows.


Augment Desktop
expanded its line of augmented-reality solutions with the release of Augment Desktop. The new offering enables users to incorporate 3-D models directly from a personal computer into the existing Augment solution to integrate augmented reality into online and offline sales. For a more streamlined experience, Augment Desktop helps companies configure interactive animations and multiple model colors without needing to adjust and re-upload models multiple times to achieve the intended design. By including 3-D models in their sales and marketing experiences, companies can help customers better visualize how products will appear in their homes or businesses, Augment says.

IFS announced the global availability of IFS Streams as an app for the Apple Watch. IFS Streams enables IFS Applications users to receive real-time updates and insights into the status of relevant company information and processes. The tool actively alerts users to changes in business objects, workflow tasks, IFS Talk conversations, and business events.

Material handling

Automation Plus Pallet Return Device
Automation Plus
, a Division of CSF Incorporated, introduced a new way to handle pallets with the Pallet Return Device (PRD). This tool is designed to help warehouse employees safely and efficiently stack wood and plastic pallets. Rather than lifting the whole pallet and placing it into a pile, the operator can lift the pallet over a pivot point on the PRD, which helps flip the pallet into place in a side-by-side stack and reduce lower-back strain for the employee. Once the stack is completed, the operator can use PRD’s shock-absorbing device to safely and smoothly transition the side-by-side stack into a vertical stack. Then the PRD can be pushed to position the empty pallets in storage.

Crown Equipment Pallet Truck Hand 50PS Series
Crown Equipment
introduced the Crown Pallet Truck Hand (PTH) 50PS Series powered scissor lift hand pallet truck. Designed for use with open-bottom pallets, skids, and totes, the Crown PTH 50PS can function as both a hand pallet truck and a mobile work positioner that can raise, lower, and transport material. The Crown PTH 50PS features an electrically powered hydraulic system that can lift as much as 2,200 pounds at variable heights up to 31.5 inches. It also includes heavy-gauge steel forks and scissor legs, 7-inch articulated wheels with a 200-degree steering angle, and 110-volt capability.

Schmalz JumboFlex Battery Vacuum Tube Lifter
debuted its JumboFlex Battery Vacuum Tube Lifter to assist with the safe and ergonomic handling of starter batteries. When such batteries are arranged end to end on a pallet, it can be difficult to remove them. Schmalz’s JumboFlex Battery Vacuum Tube Lifter is designed to grip, lift, and transport starter batteries of different shapes, sizes, and weights. The solution includes a lifting unit; operator handle; and gripper, which is equipped with a seal gasket and suction resistances for handling a variety of batteries. With just one hand, an operator can direct the lifter to pick up and move a battery. A responsive aluminum crane, either as a jib crane or overhead crane system, completes the unit.

Relationship management

ClientLoyalty launched a new relationship-management platform featuring its Supplier Performance Management solution for buyers and Client Success Management solution for suppliers. ClientLoyalty’s technology is designed to optimize relationships between suppliers and buyers by analyzing direct feedback, social and news sentiments, and operational data to create experience, reputation, and performance ratings, respectively. Together, these three ratings form an overall loyalty index, which enables both players to see the health of their relationship and cultivate proactive, real-time collaboration, the company says. The software also adapts industry-accepted standards such as Net Promoter System, six sigma, predictive analytics, and benchmarking.

Shop floor

AeroVironment PosiCharge ProCore Series
released its PosiCharge ProCore Series of battery-charging solutions. The lightweight, small-footprint tool contains standard multi-voltage capabilities to charge batteries ranging from 5-kilowatt options for lower-duty material-handling vehicles to 30-kilowatt units for heavy-use electric forklifts. Its colorful, digital display and mobile app enable fleet managers to easily configure and troubleshoot ProCore chargers on-site or on the go. In addition, its built-in ConnectRX health-monitoring technology detects abnormalities during charging and automatically alerts personnel and shuts down the system for safety.

CRP Industrial, a division of CRP Industries, now offers a lineup of Reinflex Ultra High Pressure (UHP) hoses for waterjet cutting; surface preparation; paint removal; hydro-demolition; ship, tank, and vessel cleaning; and general hydraulic applications. The polymer hoses feature a combination spiral-layered-steel reinforcement and an insert and ferrule designed to maintain the hose’s integrity. In addition, the hoses are resistant to chemicals, ozone, ultraviolet light, seawater, cutting, crushing, and aging and can handle working pressures up to 40,600 pounds per square inch. The Reinf lex UHP line is rated for operation in temperatures ranging from minus 22 degrees to 158 degrees Fahrenheit and certified by TÜV: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

The new Doc-U-spense document inserter system from SI Systems is designed to improve throughput for inserting literature, catalogs, and documents into orders. Each Doc-Uspense frame comes with three or four integrated document inserters and is equipped with integrated sensors to identify an order, verify that the correct document and quantity were dispensed, and indicate low inventory levels. One unit can include up to four frames and insert documents into totes, cartons, or containers that are inducted at rates as fast as 3,600 containers per hour.


Adrian's Safety Solutions
Adrian’s Safety Solutions
introduced a line of rack-safety products designed to help keep pallet rack flue space clear. The company’s Rack Safety Straps can be mounted to the back of a rack and act as a visual barrier to prevent pallets from pushing through into the flue space. The Rack Safety Net adds yellow mesh to cargo-strength webbing and is available in two versions: fixed, which is designed for the back of the rack and to prevent pallet push-through, and sliding, which is designed for the front of the bay to protect worker areas and allow for easy pick-and-pack operations. All products are made from two-inch, 10,000-pound-breakstrength cargo webbing. 

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