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APICS launches Education Selector, self-study kit
  • APICS staff
May/June 2016

APICS released the “Which Program Is Right for Me?” Education Selector on its website to help professionals determine which APICS education, endorsement, or certification programs will most benefit their careers.

The new, interactive tool enables users to compare each of the certification programs APICS offers, including Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM); Certified Supply Chain Professional; Supply Chain Operations Reference– Professional; and Certified in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution. Information about each program’s designation type, education and professional prerequisites, content areas, and available learning methods can help individuals see the similarities and differences among the choices. Once an option is selected, the tool helps the user start the path to education and certification.

To help professionals who choose to pursue the CPIM designation, APICS also added the APICS CPIM Self-Study Kit and APICS Online Powered By Accenture. APICS learned that self-study is the preferred education option for many certification candidates and wanted to meet this interest. Both educational packages include the APICS CPIM Exam Content Manual, which provides an outline of each exam’s body of knowledge and references, and the CPIM Exam Simulator.

To experience the APICS Education Selector and determine which APICS certification programs are best for you, visit More information about the CPIM Self-Study Kit and APICS Online Powered By Accenture can be found within the Education Selector.

Infographic: Why do you use SCOR?

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