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Industry Tools--November/December 2015

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November/December 2015


Advantech released its first 4K Ultra HD OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) signage player, the DS-270. The device is capable of both 4K-ultra-HD and full-HD playback and also can power dual displays in ultra-HD resolution. Bundled with content management and remote management software, the DS-270 is suitable for digital signage applications in conferencing, education, retail, and more, the company says.

The Numina Group launched its new real-time distribution system (RDS) and advanced cartonization software, which is designed to enhance order fulfillment efficiencies and operational cost savings. RDS Cartonization includes an advanced algorithm to determine the optimal shipping carton size for the greatest packing efficiency and lowest shipping costs. This enables warehouse staff to pick directly into the final shipping carton rather than to an interim picking tote. The software also can serve as an audit tool to detect discrepancies in planned versus actual dimensions on outbound shipments, a common source of expensive carrier charge-backs.

Data management

Rootstock Software is expanding its line of manufacturing and supply chain apps with a new suite of financial apps. These apps are designed to assist users with accounts receivable cash application and credit management; accounts payable payment processing; general ledger and journal management; and financial reporting, including balance sheets, accounts receivable and accounts payable trial balances, sub-ledger analysis, reporting profit and loss, and cash management analysis. The app suite, which will be available in early 2016, can easily integrate with Salesforce financial software and be customized for "hub-and-spoke" organizations to give individual operating units accounting permissions but require all financial decisions to be made at the corporate level.


ID TECH updated its ViVOpay Vend unattended payment application with its new version, ViVOpay Vendi. The new; contactless; near-field-communication; and EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) payment device features a MagStripe reader, enabling the system to accept both contactless and magnet-stripe cards as different payment options. The contactless payment feature also supports the acceptance of Apple Pay, Android Pay, and other mobile wallets for tap-and-go mobile phone payments. ViVOpay Vendi has the latest EMV Level I and EMV Level 2 contactless certifications and is available to support SRED (secure reading and exchange of data) for increased payment security. The system's firmware can be updated remotely to continually ensure it offers the latest in compatibility and security.


Vishay Precision Group's Micro-Measurements brand announced the availability of its Model P3 Strain Indicator and Recorder. This portable, lightweight, and rugged four-channel instrument is designed to read and store data from four strain gage or transducer inputs in both field and laboratory settings. Capable of accepting quarter-, half-, and full-bridge circuit inputs, the Model P3 provides 120-ohm, 350-ohm, and 1,000-ohm on-board bridge completion resistors; automatic zero-balancing and calibration; an LCD display for real-time test data reading; and a removable flash drive for data storage. It can be powered by its internal battery while in the field, AC power, or USB.


Flame Guard USA debuted its lightweight, multi-use X-Tinguish non-pressurized fire extinguisher. The safety device uses kinetic energy to dispense the fire suppressant from a recyclable plastic bottle. The 100 percent non-toxic and non-corrosive fire extinguisher system can be operated at a full 360 degrees to completely extinguish a small fire in a few seconds, the company says. It does not contain compressed gases, does not require a cartridge, and has zero ozone depletion potential and zero global warming potential. In addition, X-Tinguish is manufactured to maintain its streaming power for at least three years and can be used multiple times until all of the suppressant is released.

Shop floor

Cimcool, a Milacron company, added CIMPERIAL 861 With InSol Technology to its portfolio. InSol Technology is a hybrid lubricity, semi-synthetic metal-working fluid, which recently received approval under Boeing BAC5008 RevU. CIMPERIAL 861 With InSol Technology is recommended for heavy-duty machining of non-ferrous and ferrous metals including 6000-and 7000-series aluminum, stainless steels, titanium, and other exotic alloys. It also can be used for grinding and is formulated to deliver extended sump life, the company says. In addition, the product is designed to increase tool life and provide superior lubricity while remaining low foaming for high-pressure applications.

Dematic launched its compact Automated Mixed Case Palletizing (AMCAP) order-fulfillment solution. The high-performance system is designed to accommodate the growing need to assemble pallets more efficiently, especially for delivery to retailers, the company says. AMCAP pallets typically are assembled with the cases arranged by family group to correlate to the appropriate aisle in the store. This enables clerks to more efficiently replenish the shelves, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and greater product availability, Dematic says. In addition, the densely packed outbound pallet maximizes transportation space and, in turn, lowers distribution costs.

Hamilton Caster introduced its new Spinfinity line of heavy-duty, maintenance-free casters. These casters contain a swivel-kingpinless construction with a large internal seal made of Nitrile butadiene rubber positioned within the swivel assembly. With no outside exposure, the swivel assembly can keep grease in and contaminants out, the company says. Like other Hamilton casters, Spinfinity casters have extra-thick forgings, and their top plates and inner raceways are manufactured as one forged steel piece for extra strength and shock resistance. In addition, Spinfinity casters are equipped with a three-year warranty and available in 2-and 3-inch-wide wheel sizes with various mounting plate sizes and weight capacities.

Kafko International released its Oil Eater TuffRug absorbent, tear-proof flooring for warehouses. Made of 100 percent recycled materials, it is designed to quickly absorb oil leaks, dirt, and grime to keep high-traffic areas in warehouses and other facilities safe and dry. TuffRug is underside fused through a heat-and-pressure process to ensure a high level of absorbency and tear resistance. The product is available in 36-inch by ISO-foot rolls, with samples available upon request.

Laser Research Optics' gold-plated copper laser mirrors are made of more than 99 percent pure gold deposited on oxygen-free, high-thermal-conductivity copper. Manufactured to one-twentieth power flatness and one-fortieth irregularity at 10.6 microns, the laser mirrors have a surface quality of 40-20 scratch-dig and less than 5 nanometers root mean square. Suitable for Mazak and Mitsubishi high-power lasers, the Laser Research Copper Laser Mirrors are available in three plano types—zero-phase shift, 90-degree phase shift, and 98.8 percent resonator mirrors—and 50-milimeter-, 60-milimeter-, and 3-inch-diameter sizes. These original-equipment-manufacturer-compatible field replacement optics are available for fast delivery to minimize downtime, the company says.

Nordson ASYMTEK released its new Programmable Tilt + Rotate 5-Axis Fluid Dispenser. Offering five axes of automated control instead of the typical three, the fluid dispenser's additional X and Y tilt modes enable dispensing from a vertical position and at varying tilt angles along all four sides of a device and up the side of a substrate or component. In this way, it enables dispensing of underfill, encapsulant, and coating fluids around tall substrate components and in densely populated boards; provides precision fluid delivery by moving the nozzle tip closer to a target location; and dispenses into tight corners and narrow gaps.

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