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Industry Tools--September/October 2015

  • APICS partners
September/October 2015

Enterprise management

launched IFS Applications 9, the new core version of its extended enterprise applications suite. Upgraded features include the IFS Lobby, which offers a clear and tailored view of the business or situation as it relates to a role or process; IFS Streams, a notification system that posts updates and actions that are relevant to individual users; embedded customer relationship management capabilities; and enhanced support for global business.

MESA International released a new XML markup language, KPI-ML, which is based on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 22400 standard. KPI (key performance indicator)-ML is designed to help manufacturing companies implement the standard, which can reduce the cost of developing software for exchanging key performance indicator (KPI) data among systems, plants, and business units. KPI-ML consists of XML schemas, allowing for a standard representation of generic KPI definitions, specific instances of use of KPIs, and KPI values for specific KPI instances. The markup language is available as a free download at

Fleet management

announced its TREK-570 next-generation in-vehicle computing box. Equipped with an Intel Atom E3826 Systemon-Chip (SoC) processor and configurable controller area network bus protocols, Advantech-DLoG’s TREK-570 rugged computing box is designed to support efficient delivery operations and intra-vehicle communication. The solution can support real-time data transmissions across borders with its built-in radio-frequency features and dual-SIM-card design. Pairable with TREK303 and -306 in-vehicle smart displays, TREK-570 also offers real-time rear-view monitoring for increased parking safety, and its intelligent vehicle power management technology supports ignition on and off delay, wakeup event controls, and system health and diagnostics monitoring.

Health and safety

Protective Industrial Products (PIP)
partnered with DSM Dyneema and ATG to launch two new lines of cut-resistant work gloves. PIP’s new G-Tek 3GX line of cut-resistant gloves uses the new Dyneema Diamond Fiber Technology, which is twice as strong as standard Dyneema. As such, this line of gloves is designed to offer customers higher cut scores at the same price. Through its partnership with ATG, PIP also launched its new MaxiFlex Cut line of gloves, which feature an EN Cut Level 3. Like the MaxiFlex Ultimate 34-784 glove, the new MaxiFlex line is designed for comfort, breathability, flexibility, dexterity, and tactile sensitivity with cut resistance.


Descartes Systems Group’s new Logistics Technology Platform is designed to help customers improve the agility, productivity, performance, and security of their operations. The new platform aims to address the dynamic landscape for home delivery and omnichannel retailing by including a broader set of mobile capabilities to collect real-time information and automate last-mile delivery processes. It also includes multimodal capabilities for managing parcel shipments and dynamic backhaul planning and execution, along with mobile and online portal applications that enhance electronic communication among shippers, carriers, and suppliers. Improved analytics and security also can help companies meet new regulations and standards for global-customs and security-filing initiatives.

Material handling

introduced a 30-inch-by-16-inch BulkTote. Designed to allow forklift handling from all four sides, the BulkTote can reduce nearly half of all line-side space by presenting its shorter side to the line. In this way, it also doubles the amount of stockkeeping units presented in the previous 32-inch-by-30-inch line-side footprint. Weighing 30 pounds when empty, the BulkTote can hold up to 500 pounds of heavy, dense parts. It is structural foam molded in high-density polyethylene for a long service cycle and can be fully recycled at the end of its life.

Process improvement

Centrifuge Processing
developed a way to process waste water for reuse. Its Magnum CFC 1000 Centrifuge can separate a broad range of solids from waste, rinse, and process water. It also has applications with industrial coolants and in food applications, such as juice and wine processing. The centrifuge uses centrifugal forces as high as 3,000 gravities to separate the solid from the liquid. The solids collect in a stainless-steel bowl and can be automatically purged to a storage container through an exhaust hose. The Magnum CFC 1000 Centrifuge also is self-cleaning and fully automated so that it can run continuously and without operator attention for months.

Shop floor

Polar Air by Eaton Compressor
is offering a silencer that helps reduce the noise associated with piston air compressors, which can be as loud as 90–100 decibels (dBA). The patent-pending filter silencer, named Whisper 100, can be mounted in a work area to reduce noise levels to 8–10 dBA. It is designed to house the compressor air filter and comes with internal baffles to trap and mute intake compressor noise. Each baffle comes with extra filtration washable filters that filter the intake before entering the compressor filters. This can help protect the air compressor and improve its life and performance.

L-com Global Connectivity introduced a series of panel-mount USB couplers with high-retention connectors that were developed to address USB connectivity application requirements in environments where vibration and cable pull may occur. The specialized connectors used in these couplers offer a maximum mating force of 40 Newtons and a minimum unmating force of 15 Newtons, which the company says is about 50 percent higher than standard USB connectors. L-com’s couplers are available in USB Type B-A, A-A, and A-B connector configurations and feature shielded housings that limit the effects of electromagnetic interference and radio-frequency interference, which often are found in industrial environments.

Laser Research Optics
has released a line of original-equipment-manufacturer-compatible carbon dioxide (CO2) laser lenses for popular lasers used for fabricating air vents, signs, and related applications. The Laser Research Optics CO2 Lenses for thin-metal-cutting lasers are offered in 1- and 1.5-inch diameters with 2.5–5-inch focal lengths in 0.5-inch increments. Optimized for 10.6 microns, Laser Research Optics CO2 Lenses are suitable for Bystronic, Cincinnati, and Trumpf lasers. Silicon turning mirrors in 50-millimeter and 60-millimeter sizes with more than 99.5 percent reflectance and single- or dual-band coatings also are available.  

Stafford Manufacturing
now offers a full line of mounting shaft collars that provide a flat mounting surface with multiple attachment options. Perfectly square to assure smooth operation, these mounts can be repositioned and are suitable for use with a wide range of components including gears, lever arms, pulleys, and sprockets. Available in steel, stainless-steel, and aluminum models, the Stafford Component Mounting Collars can be supplied with various mounting hole patterns and with or without a flange. More specifically, the Accu-Mount style has a centering hub and comes in one- and two-piece designs with 1.5–2 inches inside diameter, and the Accu-Flange mounting collar is available with 0.25–3inch bores and with or without keyways.


Alu Design and Services
is expanding its maritime chair offerings to meet the needs of all vessel types, including high-speed, fishery and fish farm, and offshore vessels, as well as navy ships. Its new OP six-chair range aims to meet customer interests in flexible seating solutions that are easy to install and offer a range of functionality at a competitive price. The six varieties— office, standard, standard with air suspension, shock mitigation seats, operator chair, and operator with air suspension— are made of lightweight aluminum and high-comfort, durable seat cushions and backs for an optimum working environment. Alu Design also offers a build-your-own version for custom needs.

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