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Industry Tools--July/August 2015

  • APICS partners
July/August 2015


Rockwell Automation has added a custom-device, plug-in capability to its FactoryTalk AssetCentre version 6.0 asset-management software. The tool enables manufacturers and industrial operators to centrally manage controllers and other automation-related assets. System integrators also can develop reusable plug-ins to connect the software to unlimited third-party devices. This connectivity is intended to expand monitoring, backup, and recovery capabilities.


Arbor Solutions
has unveiled a line of multi-touch, widescreen-panel PCs for industrial applications. The ASLAN Series units connect sensors, machines, and servers to accelerate processing and are designed for Industry 4.0 smart-factory applications. Each model in the cableless designed line comes with an Intel J1900 Celeron Processor Quad-Core CPU, fanless cooling system, widescreen LCD touch display with LED backlight, and expandability connections.

announces the release of its industrial-grade, dedicated, rack-mount systems featuring full EN60945 compliance. The SYS-2U2000-MR01E, SYS-4U4320-MR01E, and SYS-4U4320MR02E are designed to deliver significantly enhanced computing performance while reducing the power consumed by electronic chart display and information systems. The new applications indicate system status and processes while allowing for the storage of large amounts of data and integration with various protocols.


Cimcorp Automation has launched a new layer-pick system. The enhanced gripping technology can pick and place almost any product in distribution centers. The system is designed to automate layer-picking processes and provide increased efficiency and reduced labor costs while ensuring traceability as products move throughout a facility. The solution is made up of a heavy-duty clamping and vacuum-based tool and a large, fast gantry robot.

PSI Engineering
introduces the LC IN-Feeder 3000. The solution is designed to require little maintenance and downtime. It features two stage separations, offering consistent feeding of one item with large-capacity loads. The LC IN-Feeder also includes a front-section buffer, which prepares products for the next cycle feed and aids in separation of products and marketing material, a benefit during order fulfillment.


Pelican Products Inc. has released the Pelican 9490 Remote Area Lighting System. This self-contained mobile tool has a quick-release, rechargeable, and swappable power supply. The 9490 brand includes up to 6,000 lumens, three preset light levels, as much as 24 hours of run time, and intelligent controls. It also calculates and displays current time remaining and enables users to regulate light intensity and choose desired run times. The multiple-position deployable mast telescopes to 72 inches.

Material handling

Caster Concepts has launched TWERGO Lite, a 2-inch-wide caster capable of carrying a heavy load without causing body strain. It is designed to replace the standard 2-inch-wide caster and add ergonomic benefits. The caster achieves an average of 20 percent reduction in initial push force on loads totaling 2,600 pounds or less and takes advantage of the company’s patented TWERGO face design.


Wilmington Machinery
has unveiled its In-Line Multi-Clamp Intermittent Reciprocating Blow Molding Machine. The device is built for medium-volume production of industrial, agricultural, and other rigid packaging. The machines produce medium- and heavy-wall parts at rates as fast as 600 pieces each hour. Models are available for monolayer and multilayer moldings.

Radio frequency identification

STAR Systems International introduces the ASTRIA RFID Vehicle Decal, which is designed for automatic vehicle registration and identification applications. The ASTRIA 3rd License Plate decals provide read and write performance and the ability to print and program secure radio frequency identification (RFID) and bar-coded data on demand using STAR Systems International’s printing software and a qualified RFID thermal-transfer printer.

Shop floor

ACS Motion Control
has developed software that enables its motion-control solutions to be used as subsystems on TwinCAT controlled EtherCAT networks. Using a Beckhoff or ESD EtherCAT Bridge, a TwinCAT EtherCAT network can connect to an ACS EtherCAT network, enabling data exchange. This type of motion-control system is beneficial for original equipment manufacturers and system integrators developing machines with TwinCAT EtherCAT control systems that require a high-performance, multi-axis subsystem.  

Eaton Compressor
has launched the third generation of its industrial, rotary-screw air compressors. The tool is designed to handle a variety of heavy-duty applications in the textile, automotive, chemical, construction, and pharmaceutical industries. The air compressors are built to match clients’ specifications and intended to provide users with consistent, high-quality results.

Industrial Specialties
has unveiled the Clear-VU EZ Connect 10-micron filter for filtration of water, coffee, beer, carbonated beverages, dairy products, and other consumable liquids. The tool features a clear housing with either one-fourth-inch or 6-millimeter push-in connections. A clear plastic housing enables quick visual inspection. The filter can be attached to tubing using push-to-connect ends and is manufactured using 100 percent U.S. Food and Drug Administration-compatible materials.

Kistler introduces the CoMo DataCenter 2.0 for data management and analysis of injection-molding processes. The tool enables cavity-pressure-based quality monitoring and documentation of injection-molding processes. With this package solution, users may optimize the quality of series production by integrating the process monitoring directly into the manufacturing process. The tools are designed to improve efficiency because waste will be detected and rejected as it occurs, without the need for manual quality checks.

Laser Research Optics
has launched a line of original-equipment-manufacturer-quality replacement carbon dioxide lenses and mirrors for midrange laser-cutting and engraving systems. The tools are designed to produce a clean edge and cut up to 3 millimeters deep. Offered in 1-inch-to1.5-inch-diameter sizes, the lenses come in 1.5-inch-to-5-inch focal lengths in 0.5-inch increments to enable both intricate, detailed cuts and deeper, wider cuts. The silicon mirrors are 0.5-inch-to-5-millimeters thick.


Dematic introduces a suite of solutions for receiving, storage, order fulfillment, buffer staging, packing, and palletizing. Offerings include a very-narrow-aisle, automatedguided-vehicle system for pallet storage. In addition, the company’s RapidPut is light or voice directed and designed for order consolidation and packing. For mixed-case pallet-building applications, the Automated Mixed Case Palletizing system can assemble pallets that are ready for easy shelf restocking in retail stores.

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