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Industry Tools--May/June 2015

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May/June 2015
Bar coding

announces its new BHT1300-CE wireless and batch, 1-D and 2-D, handheld bar code terminals. The compact, lightweight devices feature the Windows Embedded Compact 7 operating system and a rugged design backed by a three-year warranty. DENSO’s Advanced Scan Plus CCD and area-imaging technology enable faster scanning than lasers, and the 2-D models can read codes from any angle within 360 degrees. Preinstalled software includes a keyboard interface application, a wireless setting tool, an application launcher, and a backup device. Advanced wi-fi technology and the latest network encryption protocols are designed for fast, reliable, and secure data transmission.

Data analysis and management

The nonprofit MTConnect Institute has launched the MTConnect standard version 1.3.0, an open-source communication guideline for interoperability of manufacturing equipment and devices. This version provides features such as inter-device connectivity to enable machine-to-machine communication, additional data items for equipment and devices, and enhanced readability of the standard documents. With this release, the MTConnect Institute also introduces the MTConnect User Portal, a community site for implementation.

Enterprise management

Altium Limited is offering the updated next-generation enterprise data management and collaboration platform Altium Vault 2.1. By centralizing and managing component libraries and design data, teams using the Altium Vault can improve productivity and reduce potentially costly errors. This platform is designed to help manage product versions and releases, design reuse, and design library management; provide a solution for real-time collaboration; manage installation deployment and configuration; and improve workflow and usability for dayto-day operations.

Fleet management

has released the TREK674, a compact in-vehicle, dual-core computing box for fleet management and vehicle surveillance applications. Equipped with a 1.75 GHz Intel Atom E3827 dual-core processor, TREK-674 facilitates real-time communication, vehicle tracking and positioning, and vehicle data collection. The embedded Stretch S7 video encoding chip supports up to eight analog camera input channels for high-quality video surveillance and extensive built-in radio frequency features including GPS with AGPS, Bluetooth, and wi-fi technology. Integrated with an MRM SDK software package, the in-vehicle solution is intended for law enforcement agencies, emergency services, and public transportation.

Life-cycle management

GoEngineer announces its cloud subscription solution for Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), which provides implementation, integration, upgrades, hosting services, and full upgrade control. Leveraging GoEngineer’s crowd-sourced JumpStart implementation methodology with a cloud subscription solution for Oracle’s Agile PLM can help organizations of any size deploy an enterprise PLM solution.

Material handling

showcases its fleet of industrial dumping carts and dumping frames. All heavy-duty carts can be paired with CECOR’s dumping frame for elevated, rotational dumping of fully loaded carts. The frame is secured to an overhead hook hoist or forklift truck and secured to the CECOR cart by its trunnion pins, which can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of load weights. When the loaded cart is ready to be emptied, the operator pulls a lanyard, which triggers a spring on the frame that overturns and rotates the cart 360 degrees for thorough emptying. The now-empty cart goes back to an upright position for return to the ground.

Shop floor

ATI Industrial Automation
has unveiled the QC-160 Robotic Tool Changer with a lightweight and compact design that uses the same locking mechanism as ATI’s QC-200 Series. The changer features internal lock and unlock sensing, includes pass-through air connections, and easily mounts directly to most 200-kilogram robots. The changer enhances the robot’s ability to switch end-effectors automatically and efficiently while reducing downtime for changeovers. The robotic tool changers are designed to function reliably for millions of cycles at rated loads while maintaining high repeatability. A variety of models are available to cover a wide range of applications.

introduces the EYFGB Series of cordless clutches. This line includes the Panasonic EYFGB1N, EYFGB2N, and EYFGB3N. The tools are durable and ergonomic, and their design incorporates a comfortable grip that is weight balanced with minimal torque reaction and weighs less than three pounds. The clutches have two battery options—a 2.0 Ah battery for applications where weight is a factor, and a 4.2 Ah Li-ion high capacity battery, which gives longer run time for high-volume applications. The hybrid trigger switch enables the higher current draw of the motor and brake to be controlled by a separate circuit, bypassing the switch.

Stafford Manufacturing is offering a line of rigid coupling adapters that can extend the length of shafts and adapt to different sizes and configurations to eliminate the need for major design changes when replacing motors and related drive components. Stafford shaft adapters are rigid couplings with a clamp-type female end that fits securely over an output shaft and features a male shaft extension that can be machined to customer specifications. The adapters are offered in a range of sizes in step-up and step-down configurations with or without keyways. The extensions can be round, square, hex, D, threaded, keyed, or tapered.

Tracking and labeling

Dynamic Systems
has developed a larger touch screen computer for the Specialized Inventory Management with Barcode Accuracy (SIMBA) food and produce traceability system. SIMBA provides fresh food producers the ability to process, label, and track their products from field to customer. The SIMBA wash-down touch screen is built for use in harsh conditions where water and dust are present. Traceability systems offer companies fast and accurate information of production and sales. SIMBA tracks, labels, and ships an unlimited number of products with specific species and characteristics.

Dematic announces the Dematic Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) Meters module, which enhances preventive and predictive maintenance capabilities for factories, warehouses, and distribution centers. The Meters module communicates directly with existing monitoring systems to extract, consolidate, and deliver real-time data to the CMMS. The data is used for alerting operators and maintenance personnel of current issues for activities related to maintenance. The module also includes an open application program interface for integration into third-party controls software.


Douglas Battery announces the high-speed, fully automatic, high-frequency Raptor Rapid charger for large-scale, multishift industrial lift truck applications. The charger returns batteries to a full state of charge in about one-fourth the time of conventional chargers. By charging during normal shift breaks, battery changes may be virtually eliminated. Available for both wall and floor mounting, the charger’s modular configuration provides the flexibility needed for optimum efficiency. In the case of a module fault, the charger bypasses that module to enable uninterrupted charging. The charger is compatible with the Douglas DataTrac battery monitoring system, which collects data about the battery’s usage, charge return, water level, temperature, and equalization.

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