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Industry Tools--January/February 2015

  • APICS partners
January/February 2015

Featuring the latest products, services, and announcements from supply chain and operations management companies


ATI Industrial Automation unveils the Wireless F/T, a small transmitter that streams data simultaneously from up to six transducers. The handheld device streams wirelessly to the user’s host device for data collection, real-time motion control, and user-defined signal processing. The product comes in two configurations—one that supports up to six transducers, and one that supports up to three transducers. Its range in an office environment is 98 feet, with a maximum range of 328 feet in an unobstructed environment. Battery life is approximately one hour at maximum capacity. Power options include a removable battery that can be charged internally or externally with a micro USB connector. 

Dematic introduces RapidStore ML, a mini-load automated storage and retrieval system for handling totes and cartons. It is a high-density, compact-load staging and sequencing solution for reserve storage, goods-to-person order fulfillment, automatic pick-face replenishment, palletizing, and order consolidation applications. The system has kitting, work-in-process buffers, and materials storage applications. The all-aluminum, lightweight mast construction combined with advanced horizontal-vertical belt drives or optional wheel drive enables high acceleration and deceleration and high-velocity transport speeds. The solution is equipped with a telescopic extractor or table load-handling device that stores single, double, or triple deep in a rack structure. 


IFS has made available IFS-in-a-Box, a hardware-based enterprise resources planning solution combined with Oracle’s database, middleware, and hardware technologies. The solution is optimized, pre-configured, pre-installed, and ready to run. Customers can implement the system into their existing server racks and configure setup using one of the supplied templates. The solution is pre-configured for companies wanting to scale up capacity and for users of IFS applications. The product also caters to organizations creating high-availability technology environments and offers a way to set up fail-over environments. 

Rockwell Automation launches the Rockwell Software PharmaSuite 6.0 manufacturing execution system to help streamline crucial activities into production and packaging processes. The building-block library in PharmaSuite’s recipe designer enables programmers to reuse and maintain modeled inter-process communication checks across multiple recipes. Escalation management utilities help monitor, control, and log the timely execution of production checks through an escalating series of documented alerts. The software also incorporates new workflow integration capabilities, enabling executed work-flow information to be appended and tracked as part of the electronic batch record. 


Kewill has acquired IBM’s Sterling Transportation Management System (TMS), a software as-a-solution-based multimodal software product. IBM Sterling TMS will be rebranded as Kewill Transport and will become part of the Kewill MOVE transportation management platform. The acquisition will extend Kewill’s transportation management capabilities. IBM’s team will add valuable domain and industry knowledge and further strengthen Kewill’s global multimodal domain expertise.

LLamasoft is partnering with CLX Logistics to offer European truckload, global ocean, and global parcel data to customers for use in strategic supply chain design. CLX Logistics has provided dedicated transportation benchmark services for more than 10 years. The benchmarking service will be available to LLamasoft customers through a referral agreement. The partnership will provide LLamasoft customers with an additional resource from which to draw global reference data for use in supply chain modeling.

Process control

Zontec has released Synergy 2000 version 10.0, a statistical process control software suite. Features include added security, the ability to validate samples using an electronic signature or user name, a screen display option that enables users to view the most recent samples of all data tables in the active data bank, a multi-axis overlay chart, and more. The latest version adds a modified auto note feature, identification values in automatic email notifications, enhanced graphics, prompt spec warnings, and more.

Radio frequency identification

SMARTRAC has released the On Metal Tag, a thin ultra-high frequency identification tag for metallic objects and surfaces, as well as non-metal objects with adherence challenges. The printable tags are compatible with standard radio frequency identification (RFID) printers and have a range of up to 3.5 meters. The tags’ thin, soft, flexible structure is suitable for curved and flat surfaces alike, including industrial steel pallets, automotive parts, and water and paint pails. 


Eversight and Periscope are partnering to deliver Offer Innovation, a set of software and service solutions that enable retailers and consumer goods manufacturers to advance in-store promotions. Via the solution, the most effective offers and incentives can be discovered through micro-testing with real shoppers. Periscope, a McKinsey Solutions subsidiary, will become Eversight’s sole preferred support services partner; meanwhile, Eversight will become Periscope’s sole preferred promotion offer innovation partner.

Shop floor

ACS Motion Control is offering the SPiiPlusEC, a motion controller and EtherCAT network controller. The device features a powerful processor and two ports that support ring topology. The high-performance controller and network manager delivers multi-axis and scalable distributed control for motion-centric applications that require higher-profile generation, fast EtherCAT cycle rates, and network redundancy to enhance reliability and machine uptime. The system controls up to 64 synchronized axes and up to a 5 kilohertz rate of profile generation and EtherCAT cycle. 

Altium Limited releases Altium Designer 15, a professional printed circuit board and electronic system level design software utility. The suite includes enhancements for designing high-speed printed circuit boards with support for fabrication output standards. A “pin pairs” feature enables accurate length and phase tuning across termination components and length, phase, and delay tuning traversing an entire signal path.

Stafford Manufacturing has made available a line of weather-resistant shaft collars for outdoor use, including truck racks, structural components for communications, utility equipment, and solar arrays. The shaft collars feature a wide range of one- and two-piece hinged and flange-mount designs made from plastic, aluminum, and paintable and stainless steel. The collars are suitable for holding, locating, stopping, and mounting objects outdoors. They can be modified with mounting holes, knurls, and other secondary options to meet original equipment manufacturing design specifications. 


Combi Packaging Systems is offering the TBS 100 H case sealer. The product securely seals both the top and bottom of regular slotted and half-slotted cases with adhesive tape. It is available as both a semi-automatic or fully automatic case sealer using 3M Accuglide tape heads. The sealer features a heavy-duty tubular steel frame and offers increased security and protection for cases. 

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