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Industry Tools--September/October 2014

  • APICS partners
September/October 2014

Featuring the latest products, services, and announcements from supply chain and operations management companies

3D printing

Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA has entered into a strategic alliance with 3D Systems to distribute its 3D printing product portfolio through Konica Minolta’s nationwide network of dealers and authorized resellers, as well as its direct sales channel. Leaders say the alliance will provide customers with access to additive manufacturing solutions and complement the companies’ product and service portfolios.


Schneider Electric has released human machine interface software as part of its Wonderware InTouch portfolio InTouch Machine Edition. The suite provides scalability to original equipment manufacturers and machine and system builders. Users can access the information they need to improve operations, lower total cost of ownership, and integrate customer information and automation systems.

Bar coding

SICK has launched the CLV610, a fixed-mount one-dimensional bar code scanner for warehouse and distribution center applications. The compact, industrial, laser-based scanner is ideal for short reading distances with a large field height. These high-resolution scanners can be installed and integrated into existing conveyor systems. An optional configuration cloning module and quick-release mounting bracket enable fast replacement time.

Computer-aided design

  Gravograph introduces GravoStyle 7, a software suite for laser and rotary engraving machines. The computer-aided design and manufacturing platform enables users to perform tasks ranging from creating simple labels to performing complex engraving tasks. A modular, interactive toolbar makes it possible to tailor GravoStyle to specific user needs. 

Data analytics

CargoNet and Supply Chain Integrity are partnering to provide supply chain security and performance analysis services through a data collection and analytics platform. The organizations will help the transportation and supply chain sectors overcome existing fragmentation around the collection, analysis, and distribution of cargo theft data and analytics. The partnership will streamline data collection and analysis, increase customer support, and improve sharing between the industry and law enforcement.


NeoGrid has released two software solutions, NeoTPM for trade promotion management and NeoS&OP for advanced sales and operations planning (S&OP). NeoTPM enables users to manage the trade promotion process and provide data for S&OP. NeoS&OP enhances forecasting accuracy for short- and long-term planning horizons using actual demand signals, providing for more granular data analysis. NeoGrid’s integrated cloud-based platform uses data from both solutions to enable collaboration among marketing, sales, finance, and demand-planning functions.


Accellos and HighJump Software have merged and are creating a product portfolio to enable retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and logistics service providers to manage complex order fulfillment cycles and collaborate with supply chain partners. The merger offers solutions to enhance trading partner connectivity, warehouse management, transportation management, and route delivery.

Process improvement

StoreSMART introduces the StoreSMART Visual Management and Control Board system for improved process flow. The tool is designed for companies that are currently using or seeking to develop six sigma and lean manufacturing principles. The system can be customized for various settings and consists of heavy-gauge, color-coded file jackets with clear fronts. Magnetic, adhesive, or Velcro backings enable pockets to be quickly affixed, arranged, and rearranged on manufacturing whiteboards.

Radio frequency identification

Metalcraft has made available Near Field Communication Tags, designed to deliver durable labeling to promote two-way communication and secure data exchange between tag and device at close range. With a near-field-communications-enabled cell phone, no additional reader is required. The inlay adheres to a durable, flexible polyester label with subsurface printing that protects the bar code, logo, and other printed information. Metalcraft’s digital printing process also provides precise reproduction of detailed designs. 

Shop floor

ACS Motion Control has upgraded its line of EtherCAT network products with the development of a dual/quad axis pulse/direction drive interface module (PDICL) that delivers a closed loop motion control system for stepper, or servo, motor drives with an incremental or absolute digital encoder feedback device. Designed to help upgrade the performance of systems using less sophisticated motion control technology without having to redesign the entire system, the PDICL supports up to four axes with up to four digital encoders—incremental or absolute—at a maximum speed of 50 million counts per second. 
Laser Research Optics has launched a line of replacement CO2 nozzles in various materials and configurations. LRO CO2 Laser Nozzles are available in brass, copper, aluminum, and ceramic and include optional brass nozzle lock rings. The nozzles direct the focused cutting beam and are designed for Trumpf, Mitsubishi, and other CO2 lasers. 
Measurement Specialties now offers the Model 620, an angular rate sensor that accurately measures angular velocity for test and measurement applications. The compact angular rate gyro is designed for harsh applications where accurate angular velocity measurements are required. The rate sensor is suited for testing in applications such as munitions, motor sports, and biomechanics. The unit features an environmentally sealed, shock-resistant aluminum package. 

Synchrono introduces SyncAlert, a real-time notification and escalation software suite that empowers manufacturing teams to quickly act on problems and continuously improve activities based on solid information. Users can automatically escalate issues and view resources assigned to the escalation and status, enabling rapid response while tracking results and minimizing downtime.

Transportation has released a mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. The app enables chassis users to quickly find, reserve, and track chassis history via smartphone. Both iPhone and Android versions are available free to the public. The tool enables any user to find chassis available for daily lease across the country. Registered users can find the closest available chassis depot, reserve a chassis and view historical activity, and receive driving directions to the location. 


MacroAir is now offering the AirVolution-D product line, comprised of compact, consistent-torque industrial fans. The fan motor is designed to deliver 50 percent more mechanical horsepower and 75 percent more wind power than current fans on the market. The new product line can create a more comfortable and healthier work environment for employees and customers in warehouses due to the quiet and highly efficient design.

Seegrid Corporation announces Seegrid Supervisor, an automated-guided vehicle (AGV) software system for fleet optimization. Seegrid Supervisor communicates with a network appliance via a wireless network and is configured through a local web browser to connect, monitor, and control vision-guided AGVs within a facility. The technology is intended to provide real-time visibility, control, and automation of an AGV fleet and allows for integration with external control devices such as (programmable logic controllers or existing warehouse management systems.

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