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Industry Tools--July/August 2014

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July/August 2014

Featuring the latest products, services, and announcements from supply chain and operations management companies

Bar coding

SICK has launched the high-resolution LECTOR650 image-based code reader for high-performance one- and two-dimensional code reading. Its large field of view and optional dynamic focus feature enable the reader to identify different code positions, object heights, and transport speeds. The tool also provides modular integration of multiple devices for reading printed and direct-part-marked codes. 


Wasp Barcode Technologies has released a line of bar code scanners. The WLS9600 and WLS8600 are designed for fast-paced scanning, while the WDI4600 is intended for two-dimensional scanning. Both the WLS8600 and WDI4600 scanners can withstand industrial environments, while the WLS9600 is intended for fast-paced retail, office, and light industrial environments. Features include a high motion pattern that enables the scan engine to scan codes quickly, including those that are dirty or damaged. 


Advantech announces the FWA-6512, a network application platform designed for maximum packet processing throughput using a unique method to balance network traffic. The platform is fully compatible with the Intel Xeon processor E5-4600 v2 product family, a die-shrink of the microarchitecture built on Intel’s advanced Tri-gate manufacturing process. It offers scalability, memory flexibility, and network capacity for managing packet processing workloads.

Synchrono introduces SyncOperations, software that gives manufacturers the ability to monitor and synchronize data from all equipment and processes in real time. The solution enables the user to instantly track and improve performance, availability, and quality. It serves as a real-time data history viewer that collects and analyzes data from both the machine level and disparate company systems.

Videojet has added the CLARiSUITE WebServer Edition to its software product line. The solution offers functionality to help drive sustainable improvements in overall equipment effectiveness by giving manufacturers the ability to remove inefficiencies and reduce operator error. It also enables users to monitor and control a specific job, line, or printer from multiple locations and is adapted to run as a service in modern environments with physical and virtual servers.

Xactware has released ContentsTrack, a solution for online and mobile platforms that helps contractors quickly record, categorize, and track personal property to be stored, cleaned, or replaced after a property loss. ContentsTrack enables contractors to document personal property and label items. The contractors can then track those items until they are returned to the customer, resulting in a complete and accurate chain of custody.

Material handling

I.D. Systems has launched its Vehicle Asset Communicator (VAC), a configurable radio frequency identification-based, vehicle-mounted computer. The wireless vehicle management system helps improve material handling productivity by establishing accountability for the use of equipment, ensuring it is in the right place at the right time. The VAC restricts vehicle access to trained operators, provides electronic vehicle inspection checklists, and senses vehicle impacts. The solution also automatically uploads data, reports problems electronically, and schedules maintenance according to actual usage. 


Integrated Systems Design (ISD) has released the UltraSert-Plus manifest document printer and inserter, which can print personalized documents, fold them, and insert them automatically. The device can print and insert up to 3,000 documents per hour in boxes and totes. The solution can be used in new or existing order picking, packing, and fulfillment operations to print individualized manifests, bills, labels, instructions, and promotional materials. Multiple bar code scanners and readers are integrated with controls into the system to assure accuracy and millisecond operating times. 


K-Sun has unveiled the PEARLabel 400iXL General Labeling Solution, which pairs with the PEARLabel 400iXL Energy-Star certified, wide-format thermal transfer printer. The printer includes computer software for bar coding, industrial labeling, and safety labeling; wide heat-shrink tube markers; custom and compliant pipe markers; tags; and more. The labeling solution is designed for warehouse, asset management, manufacturing, safety, and facility professionals. The printer can print one-, two-, and four-inch all-weather labels, bar codes, and pipe markers up to 90 inches long. 

Shop floor

Alliance Scale announces a series of counting scales dedicated to parts counting and packaging applications. The Alliance/Ohaus Ranger Count 3000 Series counting scale offers precise 1–1.5 million internal counting resolution, single-second stabilization, and 30-item library data storage. Featuring three backlit liquid crystal display screens to highlight count, weight, and piece weight, the parts counting and packaging scale has eight function keys, including sample and tare keys, and a full numeric keypad to simplify setup and operation. 


HAECO introduces the TRS-2 trim removal system, which effectively removes corrugated trim to ensure proper gluing and reduce production stops or post-production searches for bad boxes due to trim caught in the glue station. Designed for mid-to-high-volume operations, the system’s long-life direct-current motor produces up to 18,000 hits per minute with safe, flexible straps. The TRS-2 adjusts to accommodate various sizes of corrugated sheet and safely removes extra material with replaceable, wear-resistant straps.

Herkules Equipment Corporation has added the Vise & Grinder Stand, which provides flexibility on the placement of vises and grinders within a facility. The stand can swivel up to 360 degrees and lock into position, enabling the vise or grinder to be placed in the most ideal position for a task, then moved out of the way when not in use. The stand is available as a wall mount at any desired height or a floor mount 34 inches high.  


Castell has launched the Salvo Loading Dock Safety System, a drive-away prevention system to promote safety on automatic and manual loading dock doors. The brake line interlocking system minimizes the possibility of human error in order to protect workers from injury and prevent damage to loading platforms by making it impossible for trucks to drive away during loading or unloading.

Vidmar has released the Vidmar Storage Wall System, which uses available wall height to maximize storage capacity. The system provides flexible, modular storage using a custom-configured combination of industrial-strength shelves, drawers, roll-out trays, and doors. The configurations accommodate large and small parts by using every cubic inch of available space. 

Westfalia Technologies
has unveiled a spring-chain pallet transport conveyor with small, double-staggered wheels to provide smooth pallet transportation. The system is ideal for transporting pallets across long distances without an ongoing need for accumulation. The spring chain design can be used with air-chain accumulator models to involve fewer moving parts and enable two modes of operation, transport and accumulation, within the same conveyor with a single motor.

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