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  • Positive Human-Robot Relationships Will Power the Future Workforce

    • Richard E. Crandall

    Robots have made it possible to get work done even more efficiently and by providing information about their operations. It has often seemed that designers were trying to build automated systems to replace workers completely. But recently, there has been a significant shift toward building robots that can work in harmony with humans.......Read More

  • Virtual Manufacturing Enhances Reality

    • Elizabeth Rennie

    Digital twins enable manufacturers to build virtual replicas of systems, processes and products from design and development to the end of their life cycles.......Read More

  • Uncompromising Candor and Extreme Listening

    • Philip E. Quigley
    May/June 2017

    Many professionals are familiar with the so-called three rules of career success: First, find out what the bosses want to hear; second, tell them what they want to hear; and third, never tell the bosses about the first two rules. Unfortunately, this isn’t always meant as a joke. The fact is, candor is extremely difficult to execute throughout organizations. The pressure to go along with the bosses (and others) is immense, and worries about job security for those who choose to take a different standpoint are real.......Read More

  • Protect Your Employees and Business by Limiting Overtime

    • Gary A. Smith
    March/April 2017

    Traditionally, overtime is used to address temporary, unanticipated changes in workload and to cover for planned and unplanned absences. When used as intended, overtime can be great. From management’s perspective, work is done without adding to headcount; for employees, there’s the benefit of extra pay, usually at time and a half.......Read More

  • Reinforcing Productivity in the Steel Industry

    • Wes Wells
    • Mike Toombs
    • Frank Roberto
    • Demetri Michaelides
    • Brad Kern
    • Pat Farragher
    • Mandyam M. Srinivasan
    January/February 2017

    The steel industry encompasses both the producers that melt and form steel and the processors that add value by conditioning steel for downstream customers. As a result, trends and shifts in the steel industry significantly influence material costs for automotive, construction, consumer appliance, energy, heavy machinery, and many other sectors.......Read More

  • Loose Threads

    Reinforcing human rights inside the fast-fashion industry
    • Jennifer Proctor
    November/December 2016

    Sarah Labowitz is cofounder, codirector, and a research scholar in business and society at the New York University Stern Center for Business and Human Rights. She is the coauthor of “Business as Usual is Not an Option: Supply Chains and Sourcing after Rana Plaza” in response to the factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed more than 1,100 workers and injured almost 2,000 others. She spoke to APICS magazine Editor in Chief Jennifer Proctor about how the Rana Plaza tragedy continues to influence supply chains in all sectors.......Read More

  • Prescription for Product Safety

    Filling dangerous cracks in the pharmaceutical supply chain
    • Reginaldo Montague
    September/October 2016

    The pharmaceutical supply chain stretches around the world like a rubber band wrapped around a ball. The smallest fault in any segment of that rubber band challenges the integrity of the whole and could lead to catastrophic failure of the entire system.......Read More

  • The Dreaded Product Recall

    Safeguarding your customers, company, and brand
    • Elizabeth Rennie
    May/June 2016

    ​As global supply chains become increasingly sophisticated and complex, product safety proves to be a vital pursuit for every business. Internationally, a number of emerging economies currently do not have laws to force recalls of dangerous products, putting consumers at considerable risk. Meanwhile—and in stark contrast—the rest of the world seems to see recall alerts at a startling rate. ......Read More

  • Following the Bread Crumbs

    Traceability is key to successful recalls
    • Dave Turbide
    March/April 2016

    ​No company wants to have its products recalled. However, if a recall is necessary, the priority is to minimize the ramifications and complete it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Certain industries—such as consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, and automotive, among others—are well acquainted with the need to properly accomplish recalls. However, many other industries also are at risk, and they might not even know it.......Read More

  • Speak Up

    Technology encourages employees to promote facility safety
    • Jennifer Storelli
    March/April 2016

    If you saw a spill on the shop floor at work, would you clean it up, report it to a manager, or walk away and let someone else worry about it? The first two options are responsible choices, depending on the situation. Ignoring a safety issue, even if it does not cause any harm, still can put you and your coworkers at risk. ......Read More

  • A Safe Bet

    Boost productivity, morale, loyalty, and more
    • Gary A. Smith
    July/August 2015

    Safety must be more than just inspections and meetings. Although those actions are useful, they achieve little more than just checking off some boxes. There are those who say safety should be a habit like buckling your seatbelt every time you get into a car. ......Read More

  • To Protect and Serve

    • Elizabeth Rennie

    In the extremely fast-paced field of warehousing and distribution, it is essential that operations professionals have the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively manage the safety and health of warehouse workers. Improving safety standards not only protects staff members, but also helps guard against product breakage and loss, as well as damage to facilities and equipment. APICS magazine Senior Editor Elizabeth Rennie recently spoke with Pamela R. Huck, a safety specialist and instructor, to discuss how company leaders can work toward safer and more profitable operations.......Read More

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