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Professional Development

  • Lofty Ambitions

    Motivate your employees to go for the gold
    • Brett Mewett
    May/June 2016

    As an APICS instructor, I often find myself proclaiming the following three statements: “You cannot manage what you do not measure. What gets measured gets done. What gets rewarded gets done first.”......Read More

  • Rising Upward

    Optimism Powers SAP's Bill McDermott
    • Karen Huelsman
    May/June 2016

    Bill McDermott, the CEO at software giant SAP, has always thought big. As a high schooler, he seized the opportunity to buy a deli in his Long Island, New York, neighborhood. Aided by the encouragement of his family and his natural tenacity, he grew the business while finishing high school and college. ......Read More

  • Doomed to Repeat History?

    Preventing normalization of deviance keeps firms honest
    • Jonathan Thatcher
    March/April 2016

    Reader R.S. writes: I am working on my degree, and, in one of my classes, we’ve talked about some of the business scandals of 2015. Many are similar to scandals from years ago that I have read about in my studies. With all of today’s business information, automation, regulation, and best practices, why do companies keep making the same mistakes?......Read More

  • Flexible and Connected

    APICS body of knowledge traverses professional’s career path
    • Jennifer Storelli
    March/April 2016

    In his career, Jeremy Burek, CPIM, CIRM, CSCP, has moved through different supply chain areas but always found that ASCM Membership and education helped him connect the dots along the way. “I joined APICS in 1999 while I was an employee for Intel supporting production planning design and configuration during the initial rollout of SAP at its global manufacturing facilities,” he explains. ......Read More

  • Emphasis on Talent

    APICS education enables superior employee development
    • Elizabeth Rennie
    March/April 2016

    Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CIT) is a St. Augustine, Florida-based designer and manufacturer of high-performance wire and cable, including optical fiber. Medical, satellite communication, military and defense, industrial, and test and measurement industries use its products. The company also specializes in harsh-environment interconnect contacts, connectors, cable assemblies, installation kits, racks, and shelf assemblies.......Read More

  • Sharing Wise Counsel

    Mentors and colleagues endorse the benefits of APICS affiliation
    • Jennifer Storelli
    January/February 2016

    Jim McNeil, CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP, has experienced firsthand how an ASCM Membership can lead to new career opportunities. “My first management job came as a result of an APICS contact from when I served on the San Diego Chapter’s board of directors,” he says.......Read More

  • Drive Out Fear

    The benefits of breeding courage and honesty at your company
    • Philip E. Quigley
    January/February 2016

    In the operations class I teach at California State University, Fullerton, my students and I recently discussed W. Edwards Deming’s 14 key principles. These points were designed to help managers significantly improve the effectiveness of their businesses or organizations. Number eight is, “Drive out fear so that everyone may work effectively for the company.” ......Read More

  • Virtual Meeting Mastery

    Become a beloved online presenter
    • Ron Crabtree
    January/February 2016

    At the end of most meetings, do you get the sense that they have offered very little value? If so, then you’re in good company. According to the recent Inc. report “What Unproductive Meetings Are Costing You,” 67 percent of executives say meetings are a complete waste of time. And virtual meetings are even worse. Still, the globalization of the marketplace continues to drive the need for virtual work options, so a solution is imperative.......Read More

  • A Bundle of Supply Chain Experience

    Why parents are the ultimate industry experts
    • Jennifer Rudolf
    January/February 2016

    Being a new parent comes with a variety of exhausting and unsavory tasks such as midnight feedings and dirty diapers. These tedious yet important responsibilities may seem to bear no resemblance to a supply chain; however, taking care of our little bundles of joy is actually the best supply chain and operations management training new moms and dads in the industry may ever receive.......Read More

  • Designed for the Long Haul

    • Monty Peterson
    March/April 2012

    For more than 20 years, we at Aerospace Dynamics International have been using a software program called Rapid Response Manufacturing to serve our enterprise resources planning needs.......Read More

  • Managing a Better Future

    And figuring out where sustainability fits in
    November/December 2015

    Supply chain management is arguably the best operations management strategy for businesses that want to establish and maintain a competitive advantage in the current global marketplace. The practice matters because companies must "recognize that their capacity to continuously reinvent competitive advantage depends as much on their ability to look outward to their channel partners as it does leveraging their internal capabilities."......Read More

  • And Here's the Pitch

    Three straightforward steps to gaining project support
    • Ron Crabtree
    November/December 2015

    I remember the first time I tried to get management to approve and back a project. I was a plant manager at the tender age of 26. Our business was in a highly competitive industry, so my colleagues and I scrapped for every penny and advantage we could find. The company's owner, the controller, the vice president of sales, and I composed the team. ......Read More

  • Operating Outside the Margins

    Using APICS education to find innovative solutions
    • Elizabeth Rennie
    November/December 2015

    Stephen T. Desirey, CFPIM, PMP, says the APICS approach to business "trains the mind" to look beyond one-dimensional statistics to uncover the sources of problems. "Too often, we work and try to solve the symptoms instead of seeking its root cause,” Desirey explains. "We must ask, “Why did the numbers come out this way?' and, 'Where were there unintended consequences causing a problem?"'......Read More

  • Spotlight on Supply Chain Achievement

    Young professional earns industry and media attention
    • Elizabeth Rennie
    September/October 2015

    Kyle Eckstein, CPIM, recently found himself the topic of much conversation—and even numerous news articles— in his home of South Africa after earning his APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) designation in record time. At 26 years old, Eckstein passed all five CPIM exams after only three months of preparation. ......Read More

  • Breaking Down to the Basics

    Understanding key components builds future success
    • Karl M. Kapp
    September/October 2015

    Although the terms “supply chain” and “logistics” were popularized more than 30 years ago and are familiar to most people today, many still do not know much about the true meanings of these terms. Myerson aims to change this with his new book, an impressively thorough guide.......Read More

  • Sir Vigilant and the Dragons

    • Rex Beck
    September/October 2015

    Once upon a time, while in a job from long ago and far away, I worked in a great corporate kingdom. Our kingdom was protected by a spell that secured us from competition behind a magic veil of regulations. Because this spell provided security and profitability, the king became satisfied and inattentive. We could not be conquered by other kingdoms, yet the king’s inattention allowed dragons to flourish and wreak havoc from within on our castle walls.......Read More

  • Tête-à-Tête

    Discoveries from a private-public conversation
    • Randall Schaefer
    July/August 2015

    I once was asked, “Which is the better place to work—a private company or a public one?” It was a logical and highly relevant question, as the inquiring student had a job offer from both types of organizations. At first, I was tempted to point out that there are no absolutes and that there is good and bad in everything. But then I thought about the fact that private and public companies do have specific characteristics that might influence a young professional’s decision—if that person is lucky enough to have a choice.......Read More

  • Transformation Before Our Eyes

    Opportunities abound inside and outside the four walls
    • Karl M. Kapp
    July/August 2015

    Emerging markets possess incredible potential to transform the global supply chain management industry, which makes this volume from Manners-Bell, Cullen, and Roberson very timely. Their work is a comprehensive guide to the background, development, benefits, and difficulties of these markets, as well as their future prospects.......Read More

  • Jack Welch Shares His Candid People Strategies

    The legendary business leader discusses managing employees, giving feedback, and fostering thriving careers
    • Elizabeth Rennie
    July/August 2015

    In 1960, Jack Welch began his career at General Electric (GE) at age 24. He would eventually become chairman and CEO and lead an epic two-decade upsurge. As head of the company, he used his hands-on, unrestrained management approach to evolve GE into a $400 billion business.......Read More

  • Crossing Divides

    APICS enables academic-practitioner relationships
    • Elizabeth Rennie
    July/August 2015

    As a PhD student coming from 11 years in industry, Subhajit Chakraborty was a little hesitant to be an APICS 2011 Scholar. He wasn’t sure if he would fit in with the rest of the students.......Read More