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Logistics, Transportation and Distribution

  • Win the Logistics Race with Natural Gas

    Fueling the decision to make the switch
    • Scott Perry
    November/December 2016

    These days, most people at the pump are celebrating the continuation of inexpensive oil. However, many transportation and logistics professionals are cursing the low prices because they complicate the choice between diesel and natural gas as well as related fleet equipment-purchasing decisions.......Read More

  • Technology Conquers Logistics Challenges

    Decoding improvement possibilities
    • Jennifer Storelli
    July/August 2016

    The most common logistics problems across all industries can be summarized by three Vs: visibility, variability, and velocity. Logistics managers want to know where their companies’ products are, how to ensure they have the right amount of product to meet demand variations, and how to move fast enough to keep up with demand, explains St. Claire Gerald, CSCP, principal consultant at Harambee Logistics Solutions. Plus, as the market changes, such as with the growth of e-commerce and omnichannel retail, companies need to find new ways to meet these needs.......Read More

  • Last-Mile Delivery Game Planning

    New solutions could be a logistical home run
    • Richard E. Crandall
    July/August 2016

    Have you had a package delivered to your home or office recently? Nowadays, it happens so often that we usually take it for granted. However, last-mile delivery is in the throes of dramatic, even disruptive, innovation that is creating new demands for the distribution industry.......Read More

  • Taking Technology for a Ride

    Driverless systems might not be so foreign after all
    • Richard E. Crandall
    May/June 2016

    Would you ride in a driverless vehicle? This is a trick question, so, before you answer, think about what a driverless vehicle can be. Would you give up riding in elevators? On escalators? Ski lifts? Rides at Walt Disney World? When you think of it that way, it’s unsurprising that we are well on our way to welcoming the new world of driverless cars and trucks.......Read More

  • Driver Deficit

    Manufacturers respond to shortage with improved carrier relationships
    • Karen Huelsman
    May/June 2015

    Baby Boomers’ retirements have businesses of all stripes concerned about replacing the talent and experience of workers ready to collect their Social Security checks. On top of the workforce demographics that affect every sector, experts say manufacturers today also must contend with a competitive transportation industry that is woefully short of truck drivers.......Read More

  • Ground Control

    Uncovering the imminent applications of drone technology
    • Richard E. Crandall
    July/August 2014

    Drone aircraft have been used by the military for several years to provide reconnaissance in rugged terrain and as weapons to strike specific targets. However, many organizations now are hoping to develop drone technology for business and humanitarian purposes.......Read More

  • The Next Wave of Sourcing

    Responding to the limitations of offshoring
    • Richard E. Crandall
    May/June 2014

    “Best,” “in,” “near,” “next,” “off,” “on,” “out,” “re,” “right,” and “smart.” What do these terms have in common? They are all modern prefixes that can be applied to “shoring.”......Read More

  • A Philosophy of Successful Solutions

    Creating a culture of performance
    • Eric P. Jack
    • John P. Collins
    May/June 2014

    There are three broad management approaches that companies use to respond to today’s increasingly challenging global supply chains: continuous improvement efforts; real-time information technology solutions; and enhanced collaboration, both on the front and back ends of the supply chain.......Read More

  • Traffic Jam

    Is your supply chain ready for the global infrastructure crisis?
    • Elizabeth Rennie
    January/February 2014

    Transportation and intermodal links enable shippers to source from faraway suppliers and reduce inventory, procurement, logistics, and warehousing expenses by forming networks that unite several distribution points at central operating hubs. Perhaps the greatest business benefit, however, is the prospective boost to revenues through implementation of superior infrastructure. ......Read More

  • Pick, Pack, Ship, and More

    Taking a close look at third-party logistics providers
    • Richard E. Crandall
    September/October 2013

    Global competition and outsourcing are the primary reasons why a number of companies use third-party logistics providers. These companies have specialized knowledge and capabilities to move product smoothly along the global supply chain. Now, many companies are finding benefits such as improved Customer Relations and access to new markets. ......Read More

  • On the Map

    Directions to better supply performance
    • Darren Pitts
    March/April 2012

    Building a supply chain map is easy; determining what to do next is what brings value. One tool for identifying opportunities across supply chain activities is the extended value stream map.......Read More

  • Sustainable Shipping Initiatives

    3PL providers present valuable data and technology solutions
    • Kyle Alexander
    November/December 2011

    Achieving sustainability goals can play a big role in reducing a company’s transportation costs and environmental impact. Third-party logistics companies can supply the people, processes, and technology needed to promote sustainable practices. ......Read More

  • Standardize, Optimize, Expand

    A three-step approach to more effective transportation practices
    • Trent Jefferies
    January/February 2011

    A cohesive transportation strategy is a top priority. By standardizing transportation management based on a model that fits a particular organization, users can optimize yield savings and expand control to increase those savings even more. ......Read More

  • In the Zone

    The significance of tariffs
    • Mark Hardison
    May/June 2011

    A primary challenge for today’s supply chain managers is minimizing the associated costs of importing goods. Foreign-trade zones are a formidable tool for helping mitigate these costs. ......Read More

  • Commanders of the Fleet

    Case Study: Sustainable Transportation at Kraft Foods
    • Maha Muzumdar
    July/August 2011

    A fundamental shift is occurring in transportation, whereby controlling costs is less about cost reduction and more about avoiding increases. The right transportation management system can mitigate rising costs and create an operational advantage over competitors. ......Read More

  • Learning To Connect the Dots

    • Elizabeth Rennie

    William Walker, CFPIM, CSCP, CIRM, is presenting a session on the new economics of global supply chains at the 2008 APICS International Conference & Expo in Kansas City, Missouri. He will discuss the evolution toward value-added segmentation and why only companies that are close to their customers, very flexible, and very fast will be able to deliver value and remain viable.......Read More