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Inventory Management

  • Adaptable Inventory

    Supply and demand meet at the decoupling point
    • Dave Turbide
    January/February 2012

    The decoupling point is the location in a distribution network that creates independence among processes. It shows you what inventory to keep, where it should be, and how much you need to keep production running smoothly.......Read More

  • The Turnover Dilemma

    Qualitative solutions to a quantitative problem
    • Barry Gunderson
    March/April 2011

    Inventory turnover is a key statistic often used to signal supply chain management effectiveness. Turnover and days’ sales represent vital data used to evaluate category performance, but other statistics are needed to provide a fuller picture of financial performance. ......Read More

  • Getting Your Inventory In Shape

    A regimen for avoiding the “starve and stuff” phenomenon
    • Randall Schaefer
    September/October 2011

    OSG Europe is the European headquarters for the Japan-based corporation OSG, a multinational manufacturer and distributor of cutting tools for the automotive, aerospace, and precision instrument industries. Company leaders wanted to replace its 20-year-old enterprise resources planning solution. ......Read More

  • Visibility and Value

    Kaizen events for continuous improvement
    • Christopher Jablonski
    September/October 2011

    Kaizen is a Japanese term referring to continuous improvement that centers around the elimination of waste in production. Carolyn Sly and Mary Ann Mauldwin spoke with APICS about how kaizen events can create lasting improvements in organizations. ......Read More

  • Measure for Measure

    Key performance indicators support organizational goals
    • Jonathan Thatcher
    September/October 2011

    KPIs were part of the original balanced scorecard model developed by Kaplan and Norton in the early 1990s. KPIs generally fall into three broad categories of measurement: raw facts and figures, percent complete, and trend line scores. ......Read More

  • Crack the Code

    Understanding safety stock and mastering its equations
    • Peter L. King
    July/August 2011

    Safety stock is inventory that is carried to prevent stockouts. A sound, mathematical approach to safety stock will justify required inventory levels to business leaders and balance the conflicting goals of maximizing Customer Relations and minimizing inventory cost.......Read More