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Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Environmental Effects from Cradle to Grave

    Using life cycle assessments to evaluate a product’s impact
    • Daniel A. Daggett
    • Antonio Galvao
    May/June 2011

    As interest in sustainability continues to grow, more and more businesses are conducting life cycle analyses of their products, taking into account every stage in an item’s existence and measuring the effect of everything that goes into making, distributing, and recycling it. ......Read More

  • A Foundation of Operational Strategy

    Sustainability continues to gain ground
    • Antonio Galvao
    September/October 2011

    Abundant data show that sustainability now is truly part of the corporate world’s daily agenda. Research also establishes the widely held view among CEOs that boards of directors are the driving forces behind an ongoing commitment to sustainability.......Read More

  • Commanders of the Fleet

    Case Study: Sustainable Transportation at Kraft Foods
    • Maha Muzumdar
    July/August 2011

    A fundamental shift is occurring in transportation, whereby controlling costs is less about cost reduction and more about avoiding increases. The right transportation management system can mitigate rising costs and create an operational advantage over competitors. ......Read More

  • A Tool that Works

    Life cycle assessments prove to cut waste and grow profits
    • Antonio Galvao
    July/August 2011

    Life cycle assessments take into account every stage of a product’s existence. But these days, it isn’t enough for a company to consider its own operations. We also must consider the impact of everything and everyone in the value chain.......Read More

  • The Choice to Change

    • Elizabeth Rennie

    Jeanenne LaMarsh, chief executive officer of LaMarsh and Associates Inc., copresented the session Change Management in the Global Supply Chain at APICS 2010. She discussed upcoming supply chain shifts, how to prepare for them, and strategies for making the most of opportunities associated with emerging issues. Here, she talks with APICS magazine managing editor Elizabeth Rennie about how to prepare your organization to manage impending change efficiently, effectively, and sustainably. ......Read More