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  • Demand-Driven, Collaborative People Supply Chains

    A trend in IT could benefit many
    • Atish Dasgupta
    • Ravichandran Guruswamy
    • V.G. Venkatesh
    January/February 2016

    Today’s business professionals are heightening their focus on the value of human resources, proper people acquisition, and their optimal allocation to various projects. Smart company leaders recognize that employees are the most effective means to combat complexity, competition, shortened life cycles, risk, inefficiencies, cost pressures, and ever-intensifying customer requirements. As a result, more organizations are enjoying the significant benefits that can be gained by superior planning and management of their “people supply chains.”......Read More

  • Dismantle the Battle Stations

    Easing the sources of conflict between supply chain and technology functions
    • David Aquino
    September/October 2012

    At many organizations, the IT and supply chain partnership has become a competition. Acknowledging the limitations and constraints of outsourcing and redefining operating strategy between supply chain and IT are two ways to move forward. ......Read More

  • Meaningful Lessons from Apple

    The value of integrating innovation and operations
    • Philip E. Quigley
    January/February 2012

    Apple would not be where it is today without also having a superb operations and supply chain management organization. There are valuable lessons therein, which every operations or supply chain management professional should learn.......Read More

  • A Brilliant Hue

    Using red teams to challenge your processes
    • Philip E. Quigley
    March/April 2011

    Red teams are groups of subject matter experts with various, appropriate backgrounds who review products and processes, act as devil’s advocate, and role-play potential actions of outside agencies. Can companies use red teams to adapt new ideas? ......Read More