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APICS Magazine "Lessons Learned" Author Guidelines

Do you have an anecdote that teaches, enlightens or amuses? Consider submitting it to the “Lessons Learned” department. Articles should be approximately 750 words and feature a specific supply chain lesson learned. Real-world examples are highly encouraged. Email your submissions to

Editorial procedures

Review and acceptance process: Editorial staff members review manuscripts and notify authors within two weeks of receipt. Generally, articles are published within six to 12 months of acceptance. Please notify us in writing of changes to your article or biographical information.

Originality: APICS accepts only previously unpublished, exclusive manuscripts.

Product endorsements: APICS rejects articles that are advertising a specific product or solution (with the exception of submissions to the “Case Study” department). Authors may identify specific products or services but must mention them sparingly within an article about broader content.

Payment: APICS considers articles contributions to the advancement of the profession, and authors receive full bylined credit and complimentary copies of the issues in which their articles appear. In addition, authors earn four certification maintenance points for each feature article published in APICS magazine. 

Copyright: All published material is copyrighted by APICS, and authors are required to sign a copyright release form.

Author Review: APICS does not provide galleys or any other edited form of manuscripts unless major revisions are made. We reserve the right to alter any manuscript for clarity and adherence to APICS editorial style. Manuscript submission implies author agreement with this policy.

Editorial contact:

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