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FAQs for the APICS Magazine Tablet App

  • Where can I get the APICS magazine tablet app? 
    The app is available for download from the App Store for iOS tablets and from Google Play for Android tablets. Search for “APICS mag.”

  • How do I log in?
    Once the app is open on a tablet, APICS members and magazine subscribers can log in for free with their APICS usernames and passwords.

  • Will I continue to receive printed copies of the magazine? 
    APICS members who have upgraded to receive both print and electronic benefits will continue to receive mailed, printed editions of the magazine five times a year (January/February, March/April, May/June, July/Augustand September/October). The November/December issue of APICS magazine focuses on sustainability and corporate social responsibility practices; therefore, it is only available in a green, digital format via the website and the tablet app. APICS members with electronic-only benefits do not receive printed copies of the magazine but can access all of the articles through the APICS magazine tablet app and the APICS magazine website.

  • Can I still read the magazine online on my desktop or laptop computer? 
    Yes. PDFs of certain issues of APICS magazine are available through the Past Issues section of the website. However, the November/December issues are only available through the APICS magazine tablet app. Individual articles from all issues are available through the APICS magazine website.

  • Can I view the magazine on my mobile phone? 
    The APICS magazine tablet app is optimally viewed using a tablet device. It is not available for iPhones, but some Android mobile phones support the app. See the following list of accessibility requirements for more details about which devices are currently supported.

  • What are the specific accessibility requirements for the app? 
    Although subject to change, the app currently is compatible with iOS tablets and Android devices running the 4.0.3 OS and later. For an optimal Android experience, it is recommended to view on the most recent OS.