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APICS 2016 Student Poster Presentations

APICS Scholars are given the opportunity to showcase their academic skills and knowledge by participating the in the poster presentations. The posters were on display in the Expo Hall at APICS 2016 and judged by a volunteer committee. The top three posters were recognized and awarded prizes.  

1st Place Winner
Vendor Direct Fulfillment: A new supply chain paradigm
By Daniel Piechnik

2nd Place Winner
Improving Perfect Order Fulfillment
By Jason Kash

3rd Place Winner
3D Printing as the Reality of Waste-less Manufacturing
By Larry Emilio Hora

All Poster Presentations

APICS: Seton Hall Chapter Involvement
By Angelo Ungro

The Supply Chain Symphony: How Amazon's use of new technology in fulfillment centers increases efficiency and Customer Relations
By Peter Behan

Innovative Solutions Sparked by APICS
By Brady Holt 

Millennials and Beyond! How to work with New Generations in the Workplace
By Christopher Elwell 

Mis-Labeling: Eliminating the Problem from the Source One Step at a Time
By Cody Manger 

5S Principles Outside of Manufacturing Environments Organizations and Sustainable Processes and their Universal Impact
By Crystal Glambin 

Oracle Ready: A Company's Shift from Homemade Systems to Oracle Through Kaizen Projects
By Desiree Bui

Using a Push vs. Pull Supply Chain Model
By Ethan Chee 

A New Journey for APICS SIU Student Chapter
By Irene Chua 

Creating a Truck Driver Retention Plan
By Jeremy Xander 

APICS Chapter Involvement: Great Lakes Region Case Competition
By Jonathan Wieser 

An Unstable Breeze: How Wind Energy is Being Propelled into the Future Through Subsidies
By Jordan Kremer 

Supply Chain Smart Simplicity
By Jose Villalba

The Financial Risks of Supply Chain Distributions
By Josh Brooks 

The Show Must Go On: Creating a Realistic Supply Chain in a Theatrical Setting
By Katherine Eboch 

Take Your Buyers To The Gym: How Utilizing VBA Can Slim Down Your Excess Inventory
By Katherine Miller

Case Competitions: Innovating Recruitment
By Keara King 

The Importance of Lean Manufacturing and 6S
By Lara Masri 

UW-Eau Claire APICS Student Chapter Microsoft Excel Workshops
By Matthew Guzman 

APICS Heartland District Student Case Competition
By Matthew Koski 

The Value of Scrap
By Megan Klatt

Third Party Manufacturing - Requirement, Capabilities, and Contract Negotiating on a Global Level
By Melanie Murphy 

The Power of Student Chapter Management! APICS Designed, UWEC Success.
By Molly Bredin 

Trimming the Fat in Shipping: RFQ Bids
By Natalya Mudry 

Returnable Containers: Risk or Reward?
By Neal Winter 

Does this career correspond to me? Am I on the right track? What if I never find a Job?
By Neferteti Chavarria 

Design and Launch of a website for the Buckeye Operations Management Society
By Nihal Prakash

How Blockchain will revolutionize supply chain?
By Omid Sadeghi 

Battle of the Forms - When Ignoring the Fine Print Spoils the Deal
By Patricia deGaston 

Improving Operational Efficiency Through Freight Calculator
By Paula Downs 

A New Journey for APICS SIU Student Chapter
By Po Jui Lien

Framework to Increase Supplier Diversity for a Business
By Rachel Travis 

Cyber Security in the Supply Chain
By Rhonda Davenport 

Implementing a Two-Bin Kanban Card Pull System
By Samuel Sarkissian

Where Will Autonomous Technology Steer The Automotive Supply Chain?
By Scott Trembly 

SWOT Analysis: The Powerful Tool that Helps Your Corporation Face Its Greatest Challeneges
By Sofia Salleh 

Predictive Maintenance - Solving the problem, before it actually becomes one
By Steven Mandeville 

The Supply Chain Challenges of Space Exploration
By Victor Ho

Summarizing Financial Data to Drive Cost Savings
By Victoria YaoBarnes

Role of Supply Chain in Environmental Sustainability
By Xinbo Xie

UWEC Lean Management Course and Team Project
By Zachary Herron