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Training, Education and Certification

APICS Sets the Standard

APICS keeps supply chains and the people who run them at the forefront of excellence. APICS members operate the best supply chains in the world because they’re knowledgeable about the global standards, practices and approaches that are proven to improve performance.

Develop Talent
and Fill Skill Gaps 
    Improve Performance with APICS Credentials and Leaning Programs 

Talent and Skills Development

APICS knows supply chain from end-to-end like no other. It’s a claim we make because we are the professional association that sets the standard for the skills, knowledge, practices and processes that enable supply chains to transform the way businesses operate.  

Build a Performance-driven Learning Culture

When it comes to developing high-performing teams within supply chain organizations, APICS helps members <link to corporate membership page> understand skill gaps, benchmark performance and deploy performance-driven learning programs <link to credentials and learning page> based on globally recognized best practices and operational standards. 

Assess Skill Gaps

The APICS Supply Chain Skills Inventory helps identify the strengths of employees as companies benchmark their overall level of supply chain talent. Organizations can then create a supply chain talent development plan that eliminates skill gaps and improves organizational performance.

Benchmark Supply Chain Performance

APICS members have another powerful tool to bridge performance gaps. The SCORmark benchmarking tool <link to SCORmark page> is the first step to define competitive requirements, identify performance gaps and set performance goals. From there, APICS works with organizations to develop a roadmap to improve supply chain performance <link to SCOR>.

See how top-performing businesses achieve supply chain excellence with APICS programs. <link to case studies>