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Explore and Contribute to the Foremost Topics in Supply Chain

Newly organized APICS Special Focus Forums (SFFs) are non-governance special interest groups that explore and contribute thought leadership on global issues or trends.  The core team of each forum is made up of APICS corporate affiliates and license sponsors, representing a diverse group of industries and viewpoints.  The solutions and perspectives developed are shared with the APICS community in part via live sessions and online publications.  APICS affiliates and license sponsors have access to the results and also are able to provide feedback.

There are currently four SFFs meeting:

Strengthening Global Health and Humanitarian Supply Chains

This forum is working to identify solutions, based on leading practice, to some of the most pervasive challenges facing health and humanitarian supply chains in several lower income countries. The team is working to document best practices and approaches for addressing current supply chain issues in the developing world. Project deliverables will provide a set of tools and references that will be designed to be applied in Global Health and Humanitarian Supply Chain improvement programs.

Leveraging Advanced Analytics to Improve Supply Chain Process Performance

This forum is working to identify the use and application of advanced analytics techniques (predictive, prescriptive) within the supply chain process framework (Plan, Source, Make, Deliver) across industries. They will identify and share best practices, key success factors and insights with the current use-cases of advanced analytics and current investments in data sources. The research will seek to understand use of advanced analytics to provide more insight on process performance drivers and predictors; early detection of adverse performance trends and corrective action to avoid negative outcomes; and Identify recommended decisions and actions to maximize performance.

Integrated Business Planning

This forum has three key objectives that include:

  • Define integrated business planning (IBP) by leveraging an existing body of knowledge and identifying additional enhancements, with a key focus on differentiation to traditional sales and operations planning
  • Identify critical competencies/capabilities needed for successful IBP at different stages of maturity with a primary focus on process (cross functional dependencies), people (skills, culture), technology (data needs) and metrics
  • Develop leading practices for successful IBP beyond the maturity matrix

Semantic Supply Chain Vocabulary based on SCOR

This forum is striving to develop a supply chain data model linked to SCOR v11.0 that will be the industry standard for data exchange across supply chains. This may include creating implementation guides from use cases of different complexity and proof-of-concepts. The forum also aims to provide thought leadership on digital supply chain and on the convergence of technology, SCOR, and supply chain network design to support digital business. Participants will describe the need for integrating advanced analytics with the new data visibility and provide the foundation for a digital supply chain education outline potential APICS development.

View the APICS Corporate Advisory Board Results for upcoming Special Focus Forums.
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