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Executive Briefings

APICS presents the Executive Briefings series, executive-level meetings that provide thought leadership, relevant research and networking opportunities for supply chain leaders. These interactive half-day sessions leverage the knowledge of APICS, which includes the collective experience of over 500 organizations and 50,000 professionals, and a benchmark history that spans two decades.

These sessions offer:

  • Peer-to-peer interaction on key supply chain topics relevant to all types of organizations
  • Moderated group discussions, polling and personal examples
  • Fact-based insights on key supply chain topics and trends relevant to all

These sessions also include a high-level overview on the value and benefits of implementing the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model, the world’s unbiased standard for supply chain process, metrics, benchmarks and best practices.

Attend these sessions to:

  • Identify the gaps between your organization and those that lead the industry
  • Learn about the latest developments from APICS practitioner development teams
  • Find out how professionals are benefiting from improvement implementation

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Next Steps

If you have attended an Executive Briefing and are looking to take the next step to improve your supply chain performance, you may want to attend a SCOR Professional Training to learn how to optimize your supply chain! APICS is pleased to present local opportunities to expand your supply chain knowledge and experience. During this program, you will develop actionable steps to improve supply chain processes and management by learning from real-life examples and projects. Attend this session to learn the standardized language of supply chain and how to:

  • Use SCOR to identify and solve problems in your supply chain
  • Identify and support organizational learning goals
  • Improve supply chain efficiency from a process and cost perspective 
  • Organize a typical SCOR project
  • Implement well-defined and repeatable processes