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Product Lifecycle Operations Reference Model

The Product Lifecycle Operations Reference (PLCOR) model is a process framework in SCOR structure linking product lifecycle processes from the first idea to broad adoption in the mass market, performance metrics and practices into a unified structure. This framework is still under development.

Level 1 Processes included in PLCOR:
  • Plan
  • Ideate
  • Develop
  • Launch
  • Revise
  • Enable
Level 1 Metrics included in PLCOR:
  • Perfect product launch
  • Customer satisfaction achievement
  • Product (or brand) loyalty
  • Time to tipping point
  • Time to volume
  • Time to market
  • Product portfolio value at risk
  • Upside product launch flexibility
  • Upside product launch adaptability
  • Product management cost
  • Product ROI


    The PLCOR Framework (Beta)

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