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Customer Chain Operations Reference Model

The Customer Chain Operations Reference (CCOR) model is a process framework in SCOR structure linking typical sales operations and customer support business processes, performance metrics and practices into a unified structure. The CCOR reference is in a less mature state than other APICS SCC frameworks.

Level 1 Processes included in CCOR:
  • Plan
  • Relate
  • Sell
  • Contract
  • Assist
Level 1 Metrics included in CCOR:
  • Assist cycle time
  • Assists per customer
  • Average profit per customer
  • Cost of assists
  • Cost of selling
  • Customer chain reaction cycle time
  • Customer franchise
  • Customer growth rate
  • Gross revenue
  • Customer conversion rate
  • Lead-to-contract cycle time
  • Net customer loyalty index
  • Perfect assists
  • Perfect contracts
  • Quote turnaround time
  • Warranty cost

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