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Customize an Education Program to Deliver Foundational Knowledge

APICS Principles of Operations Management is a versatile and customizable education program that provides employees with the foundational knowledge necessary to understand and contribute in operations management. Principles of Operations Management is a courseware series that helps professionals of all educational backgrounds and levels of work experience gain a deeper understanding of key fundamentals. It provides businesses with a powerful, effective program to educate and develop employees in the concepts and applications of operations management.

APICS Principles educational courses are delivered by an instructor on site at your location to your operations management group or cross-functional project team. You set the date, location and venue. APICS manages the registration, training materials and instructor.


Benefits of group training

Speed – Group training allows an organization to train teams quickly, during the hours of the day and time of year that works best.

Customization – In-house group training helps attendees understand operational challenges within the unique context of your business.

Group competency and relationship building – Taking your team through training together encourages consistent learning, cross–functional thinking, and deepened camaraderie and collaboration.

Cost – Group training can dramatically reduce travel costs, lost work time, and training cost per employee. Group training typically costs 30% to 50% less than public training


Targeted learning

The power of Principles lies in its ability to be customized to address your specific training requirements. APICS works with affiliates to configure courses that fit your organization’s unique operational challenges. APICS affiliates have implemented Principles courses with an emphasis on areas including:

  • Cross-functional training for senior managers
  • Demand management
  • Inventory control issues
  • Lean management
  • Master scheduling
  • Managing S&OP
  • Creating distribution channels

Arm your team with the foundational supply chain management knowledge needed to optimize organizational performance and improve your bottom line.

The APICS Principles program is built around five classroom based, instructor-led courses.

  1. Inventory Management
  2. Operations Planning
  3. Manufacturing Management
  4. Distribution and Logistics
  5. Managing Operations


Each can stand alone as a mini-course or be combined with other learning modules. There are nine sessions and two exams within each course. Mix and match the 45 sessions to create a customized training program for your organization.


Become an APICS Affiliate

Join the community of APICS affiliates: organizations united in their goal of achieving operational excellence by defining and building an effective and efficient supply chain organization and workforce.


Get started today

To request a meeting to review the in-house training process, outline customization options, and discuss scheduling and pricing, contact APICS corporate development team at +1.773.867.1778.