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SCOR Professional Training FAQs

FAQs apply to APICS SCOR Professional Trainings that occur at APICS corporate headquarters. For information on APICS SCOR Professional Trainings hosted by our partners, please contact the partner hosting the event directly.

APICS SCOR Professional Training Information

Q: What is SCOR Professional Training?

SCOR Professional Training provides an in-depth understanding of the latest version of the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model.

This training introduces attendees to the full scope and contents of the APICS SCOR framework. Attendees will learn the major process components of the framework (Plan, Make, Source, Deliver, Return, Enable) from a supply chain perspective. 

Click here for a full outline of the SCOR three-day course. 

Q: What is the time commitment for SCOR Professional Training?

All APICS SCOR Professional Training events are held for three days. They begin at 9:00am and end at 5:00pm.

Q: How much does SCOR Professional Training cost?

Non-Member/APICS CORE: $3,000.00 USD

ASCM PLUS Members: $2,200.00 USD

Q: Can I purchase the materials and the exam separately from the training?

APICS SCOR Professional Training is sold as a bundle. The training materials and the SCOR-P exam cannot be purchased separately.

SCOR Professional Training Registration

Q: How do I register for an upcoming event?

From the APICS homepage click Events, navigate to Education & Training, on SCOR-Professional Training, scroll to the bottom of the page, select a training date, click Register Today, and fill out the form.

Q: What forms of payment are accepted for APICS SCOR Professional Training?

APICS SCOR Professional Trainings must be completed online through the APICS secure transaction site using a VISA, MasterCard, or American Express credit card. Cash, purchase orders, wire transfers, or checks will not be accepted as payment for these trainings.

Q: Does APICS provide proof-of-purchase receipts?

Yes. Registrants receive a receipt of their APICS transaction via email. Receipts may also be attained via the order history section of the My APICS tab.

Q: Whom do I contact with a question, comment or concern?

Please contact ASCM Customer Relations at 1-800-444-2742 or +1-773-867-1778 or email

Cancellation Policy

Q: What is APICS Policy regarding APICS SCOR Professional event cancellations or reschedules?

APICS strives to provide the highest level of service. Unforeseen circumstances may necessitate the rescheduling or cancellation of an APICS SCOR Professional Training event. In the unlikely event of a program cancellation or reschedule, APICS will notify its customers immediately via e-mail explaining our intentions regarding the event.

Q: Can I cancel my registration?

Requests for cancellation of registration must be made no later than 14 days prior to the event. APICS will apply a 15% processing fee to all refund requests. Refunds will not be given for failure to attend, late arrival or early departures. Contact if you need to cancel your registration.

Q: Can I transfer my APICS SCOR Professional registration to another person?

Registrants may transfer registration to another name up to 2 days before the event. Contact if you need to transfer your registration.

Q: Can I change the event date of my APICS SCOR Professional Training event?

Registrants may change their training date up to 2 days before the event and may only change it to another APICS SCOR Professional Training event taking place at APICS headquarters. The venue may not be changed. Contact to change the date.

Professional Development Points

Q: Can I earn professional development points toward my APICS certification maintenance by participating in an APICS SCOR Professional Training event?

Yes. All APICS SCOR Professional Training event attendees are eligible for twenty-four (24) professional development points toward their CPIM/CPIM-F/CSCP designation.

Q: How can I receive certification maintenance credit for attendance?

On the last day of the APICS SCOR Professional Training event, attendees receive a letter indicating they have completed the training. This letter serves as documentation.

Onsite SCOR Professional Training

Q: How can I have SCOR Professional Training at my company?

If you are interested in hosting an APICS SCOR Professional training at your organization, please contact