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Develop a Team that Understands the Supply Chain End-to-End

Businesses turn to APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) education program to impart high-level knowledge and skills to supply chain managers. Employees gain proficiency in advanced principles that streamline operations and improve the bottom line. At the same time, the CSCP designation identifies those candidates that have demonstrated a mastery of end-to-end supply chain concepts. It is a rigorous program that ensures supply chain managers have a comprehensive understanding of strategic global supply chain management.

CSCP training can be conducted on site or online to your supply chain management team. You set the date, location and venue. APICS manages the registration, training materials and instructor. A self-study program also is available.


Group training benefits

Speed – Group training allows an organization to train teams quickly, during the hours of the day and time of year that works best.

Flexibility – On site and/or online course delivery enables organizations to select the best program design for employee success.

Customization – In-house training helps attendees understand production and inventory strategies within the unique context of your business.

Group competency and relationship building – Taking a supply chain team through training together drives consistent learning, cross–functional thinking and collaboration.

Cost – It is far more cost effective to conduct on–site group training than to send teams to public trainings. Typically the cost is 30% to 50% less than the total cost of public training sessions.


CSCP areas of focus

  • Customer relations
  • International trade
  • IT enablement
  • Logistics
  • ERP integration


The Certification Process

The continually-updated CSCP learning system covers:

  • Supply chain design
  • Supply chain planning and execution
  • Supply chain improvement and best practices

To earn certification, a supply chain manager must successfully complete three study modules and one exam. Certification is maintained through continuing education and attending industry events. Since 2006, more than 21,000 professionals in 84 countries have earned APICS CSCP designation


Get started today

To request a meeting to review the in-house training process, outline customization options, and discuss scheduling and pricing, contact APICS Corporate Development.

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