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SCOR Model Digital Edition: Call for Volunteers!

The world's leading supply chain framework is going digital.

Many supply chain leaders see increased revenue and economic growth for their organizations based on digital supply chains. The future of these technologically enabled capabilities is still unclear and changing. However, one thing is clear: the changes are coming and will be shaped by supply chain leaders who understand the practical applications and strategic importance of these advancements. These supply chain leaders will help to determine the winning technologies, and they will gain an early-mover advantage over their competitors.

We have learned from our Corporate Members that organizations want digital transformation tools that can move their organizations.

  • Assessing readiness
  • Engineering processes that drive workflow
  • Measuring performance that adds insight
  • Developing talent
  • Accelerating adoption of best practices
  • Increasing data integrity and technology utilization
  • Creating value for their stakeholders

We Need You - Attend our December Meeting!

In 2018, the APICS Board authorized a significant investment to expand our digital platform. Join other organizations on our model development team to take on the first major initiative from this investment—the development of the SCOR Model Digital Edition. The scope of the update includes:

  • Digital technology best practices
  • Application in the eCommerce, omni-channel space
  • Metrics for use with advanced analytics
  • Level 4 processes by platform
  • Addition of soft skills and leadership
  • Use cases for nine digital investment scenarios
  • Workflow updates for the ARIS platform version

Our objective is to release SCOR Digital Edition in September 2019 at the APICS International Conference in Las Vegas. Your company’s role would be to support (time and travel) one representative to participate in four face-to-face workshops to help validate scope, relevance, and application of the SCOR Model Digital Edition. Your representative would also be able to reach out to subject matter experts in your organization as needed between workshops. We will develop a virtual engagement option to supplement the face-to-face workshops.

Interested in participating? Here's what to do next:

We would be happy to arrange a conference call with you or your staff to provide additional information in advance. Please contact Reg Montague at should you have any questions.