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The Power of SCOR in your BPM Software

Optimizing a global supply chain requires agility and insight. We know the SCOR model sets the standard for supply chain excellence by linking business processes, performance, practices and people into a unified structure. We understand that global process management is now a top contributor to what’s keeping executives up at night, and it is one of the feature dimensions addressed in our business platform.

To gain a deeper understanding of best practice process management, you need insight into the dynamics of your business processes and how they connect to supply chain management systems. The SCOR BPM Accelerator powered by ARIS is software that enables global supply chain organizations to implement faster, manage more and measure better. 

The SCOR BPM Accelerator powered by ARIS is a collaboration between APICS, Virtual Enterprise Architecture, and Software AG, and enables organizations to design, manage, and measure their global supply chain processes using SCOR level one through level five metrics. It boosts the power of the SCOR model exponentially by making it easier to customize the tool to your specific supply chain environment.

Expect Results

  • Increase supply chain flexibility to enable more agile reactions to changing conditions, business models and customer requirements 
  • Reduce the time to design and implement new supply chain processes by building on existing best-practice processes from the SCOR model 
  • Improve the performance of your supply chain by analyzing and simulating processes to remove bottlenecks as well as identify and remove waste and duplication 
  • Improve process and IT quality through better definition of processes, avoidance of system breaks and better process communication
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