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DuPont created a targeted education program to deliver elevated workforce performance 

APICS Principles courseware allowed for a customized approach to support the fast-growing business

DuPont Customer Success Story

DuPont has a massive and complex supply chain that has earned recognition for its performance, among many other measures. So, when DuPont Latin America needed to train its supply chain workforce to meet fast-growing customer demand, it turned to APICS’s Principles of Operations Management (Principles) education suite to deliver a customized, targeted learning program.

The company is seeing results. To date, more than 100 DuPont Latin and South American team members have completed Principles training.  The customizable learning program is being replicated as other Latin America business unit leaders strive to achieve increased collaboration, establish foundational knowledge and generate a strategic understanding of the larger role employees play in the value chain. APICS Principles education became the key to combating the unique challenges facing each business unit. Where does a team want to improve? Forecasting? Demand management? Scheduling? MRP? A custom-designed curriculum targets specific areas that require attention.

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