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APICS Supply Chain Council Supports Supply Chain Management Education in Uganda

The APICS Supply Chain Council, a nonprofit organization that advances supply chain and operations management and innovation through research, educational programs and talent development, helped bring a three-day course on the Basics of Supply Chain Management to college students and recent graduates in Uganda. 

Held in Kampala, Uganda, in conjunction with the Amahoro Community Development Initiative, the course covered fundamental concepts, tools and terminology in managing the flow of materials in the supply chain from suppliers to customers. 

Twenty-three students took part in the training program led by H. David Paris, a past president and certification instructor for the Tulsa and Northwest Arkansas chapter of APICS. 

 “We are honored to partner with Mr. Paris in his endeavor to donate time and expertise to this very promising group of students in Uganda,” said APICS Supply Chain Council Executive Director Sharon Rice. “We enthusiastically support this effort and hope it takes root, as we believe in the power of education to help individuals and to advance society and the global economy.”

Students gained an overview of the internal operations of a company and were introduced to some of the commonly used terminology and definitions in the industry. The course is also applicable to those working outside of supply chain management in fields like sales, warehousing, order entry, engineering and information technology.  

The APICS Supply Chain Council provided discounted books for each student; the Tulsa APICS chapter in turn donated funds to Mr. Paris to cover the remainder of book expenses. 


“I believe that with my bachelor’s degree in procurement, I will compete more favorably on the Ugandan job market.”  — Diana K.

“This course has expanded my knowledge and understanding of supply chain and operations management, and enables me to strategically compete in the global business world and think of more personal business enterprises. Inventory management has helped me to learn how to manage stock and avoid waste.” — Brenda A.

“This has been wonderful interaction training, which I have never heard of in my life. It has made an impact in my life and I hope even in the lives of others. Through this training, I hope to start up my personal company since I have acquired knowledge of how to manage it. The training has expanded my network scope through getting involved with people of different areas with different ideas.” — Charles N.