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APICS Benefits

The following benefits summary applies to regular, full-time employees. Please contact the Human Resources Division for more information. All benefits begin on your first day of employment, unless otherwise noted. This overview provides highlights of the APICS benefits program. If there are any discrepancies between this information and the official plan documents, the official plan documents take precedence in all cases. All benefits are subject to change.

Select from the categories below to learn more about the benefits available to full-time staff at APICS.

Health Care
Personal/Professional Development

Health Care

Medical Insurance

We offer a plan that includes a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), and a Heathcare Savings Account (HSA) option, which utilizes the Blue Cross/Blue Shield of IL network. The PPO and HSA plans offer an extensive national network of physicians and hospitals that have agreed to provide services at discounted rates. You may visit any doctor in any practice or specialty without a referral, but you are covered at a higher level if you receive care from a provider in the BC/BS network rather than outside of the network. The HMO requires that you select a medical group and primary care physician (PCP) from the BCBSIL directory. All care must be provided or coordinated by your PCP or medical group. Under our policy, same-sex and opposite sex domestic partners may be covered under the medical insurance. APICS and employees share in the cost of premiums. Please contact Human Resources for more information.

Dental Insurance

Our dental plan is provided by MetLife and works in the same way as the medical PPO in that you will receive the maximum benefits if you receive care from a PPO in-network dentist. While you may still be covered if you choose an out-of-network dentist, those benefits may be reduced. Preventative services are not subject to the deductible and are covered at 100%. Upon satisfying the $50 annual deductible, the plan pays 80% of routine services, and 50% of major restorative services, subject to the annual maximum.

Vision Care

APICS vision coverage is provided through EyeMed Vision Care. You can choose the basic Core Plan with in-network eye exams covered at 100% after a $10 co-pay. Additional co-pays for lenses and materials apply. You may also choose to enroll in the Buy-Up plan with in-network exams and lenses being covered at 100% after a $10 co-pay

Prescription Drug Plan

The plan pays 100% of covered drugs after the applicable co-payment, which ranges from $15 to $50. A cost-effective, mail order pharmacy option is available for drugs prescribed on a regular or maintenance basis


To help provide financial security and protection for employees and their families, APICS offers the following programs.

Group Life Insurance

APICS provides each full-time employee with $50,000 of company-paid life insurance. Division directors are eligible for an additional $50,000 of coverage.

Accidental Death and Disbursement Insurance

APICS provides each full-time employee with $50,000 of accidental death and dismemberment coverage.

Flexible Spending Accounts

This option allows you to contribute to a health care and/or dependent care flexible spending account (FSA) on a pre-tax basis. The health care FSA can be used to reimburse you for most medical and dental expenses that are not covered/reimbursed by insurance, such as deductibles, co-payments, and vision expenses. The dependent care FSA can be used to reimburse you for dependent care services provided by babysitters, day care centers, and after school programs for one or more qualifying dependents.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance

In the case of prolonged medical absence or illness, APICS provides full-time employees with short-and long-term disability insurance, which reimburses the employee a percentage of basic monthly earnings after satisfying the eligibility requirements for each type of insurance.

401(k) Retirement Savings Plan

Immediately upon employment, eligible full-time and part-time employees may direct part of their pay to the Plan as a pre-tax contribution. APICS will match the employee's contribution at 100% up to the first 6% of annual earnings after six months of employment. APICS' matching contributions are subject to a three-year vesting schedule.


APICS has a number of programs and policies, which are designed to assist our employees with managing their work and personal lives while meeting Society objectives for business success.

Flex Time

With the approval of their supervisor, employees may choose their own work hours. However, employees' work hours should coincide with the established core office hours of 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Flex time is not an option in all positions because of APICS' need to meet customer and operational demands.

Sick Leave

Full-time employees accrue ten days of sick leave each service year to use for periods of temporary absence due to the employee's illness, injury, or medical appointment or due to the illness, injury, or medical appointment of a spouse, child, or parent. Sick leave begins to accrue upon employment and may be used immediately.

Vacation Leave

To support opportunities for rest, relaxation, and personal pursuits, full-time employees receive thirteen days of vacation each service year. This amount increases at specified service intervals. In addition, certain key positions are eligible for additional days of vacation per service year. Vacation leave benefits begin to accrue upon employment; however, vacation leave may not be taken during the initial three months of employment.

Holiday Leave

APICS observes ten holidays per calendar year, including the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve. In addition, each employee will receive up to two personal days per calendar year for additional time off.

Employee Assistance Program

APICS has contracted with Employee Resource Systems, a confidential, free service to assist employees and their families with problems that may interfere with their professional and private lives, including, but not limited to, family, relationship, legal, financial, child care, and elder care issues.

Personal/Professional Development

To support employability and assist in providing financial support to employees who want to further their education and enhance their skills, APICS offers a variety of personal and professional development programs.

Memberships and Subscriptions

After three months of employment, full-time employees are eligible to request funds from their supervisor for memberships in professional organizations and subscriptions to work-related publications.

Training Courses

Full-time employees are eligible to request funds from their supervisor for outside training courses. In addition, APICS offers in-house training sessions to eligible staff members, such as managerial training, computer training, brown bag workshops, and self-study tutorials and CD-ROMS.

Educational Assistance

After completing six months of employment, full-time employees may take advantage of APICS' Educational Assistance Program, which reimburses employees up to $1,500 per calendar year for undergraduate-level and up to $3,000 per calendar year for graduate-level education costs related to work pursuits. This assistance includes tuition, books, and fees for courses taken at accredited colleges and universities. Employees must meet specified grade criteria in order to receive reimbursement.

Certification Assistance

For those employees who are interested in pursuing a professional certification, APICS will provide funds for certification preparation courses, self-study materials, and certification exams. In addition, for those staff members who are already certified, APICS will provide funds for recertification fees. Please discuss your needs with your supervisor.